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About California State Polytechnic University - Pomona - English Language Institute

The Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI) specializes in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and academic preparation for international students who plan to continue their higher education in the United States. Our ESL program consists of five levels of instruction, from beginner to advanced. The courses are designed to develop the language and study skills necessary for success in an American college or university. In addition to our full-time Intensive English Program, our institute, in cooperation with the Cal Poly Pomona College of the Extended University, also offers short-term professional training programs as well as the English and American Culture Camps.


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General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: University campus

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk

ESL Classes
Our intensive English program consists of five levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced. Course level placement is based upon iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency) scores, an oral interview and a writing sample. Testing commences upon arrival at CPELI. The program is year-round, divided into four 10-week quarters. Classes consist of 20 hours per week of core instruction including grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and additional elective classes.

LISTENING/SPEAKING/READING (CORE CLASS #1) - This is an integrated English class that stresses spoken communication and collaborative learning. Students also focus on improving their reading fluency developing their vocabulary.

GRAMMAR & WRITING (CORE CLASS #2) - This course is closely coordinated with Core Class #1, and focuses on developing students’ academic writing skills and structure.

CPELI classes are offered from 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. Students must be prepared to attend 20 hours of class per week anytime Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm.

English Summer Courses

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: University campus

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) and American Culture Camps give students ages 14-18 the opportunity to increase their skill level to effectively communicate in English, while learning American history, government and culture. Students also benefit by experiencing college life in a beautiful academic setting. Our ESL camps are customized to meet the specific needs of each group. Our short-term programs range in length from one week to three months. ESL camps are offered during the months of June through August.

Summer and Winter English Program:
Language and Global Leadership

The CPELI Language and Global Leadership Program, which is offered in the summer and winter, is designed to combine the best in English language development with meaningful lessons in cross-cultural communication and American culture. In the best tradition of the Cal Poly Pomona motto, Instrumentum Disciplinae, students in the Language and Global Leadership program “learn by doing.” This “learn by doing” approach applies both in and out of the classroom. In the classroom, students are asked to listen and speak only in English. With the help of CPELI instructors, students will gain fluency through sustained speaking activities, games, role-plays, and presentations. Out of the classroom, students are asked to gain cultural knowledge through interviews with native-English speakers. In addition, Cal Poly Pomona university administrators lend their expertise and experiences in positions of leadership in scheduled leadership seminars. These seminars serve to bring practical leadership applications to the topics of conversation in the classroom. Students also participate in a variety of out-of-class activities, which allow them to listen and learn in a less formal setting. These activities include team building sessions designed to foster awareness of team spirit and to help students learn about strategies for developing strong interpersonal relationships. The combination of topical content, exposure to top university leaders, and team building activities come together to provide students with the tools they will need to develop their own sense of leadership in a global context.

In short, the Language and Global Leadership program makes the most of the English immersion experience, helping international students gain the proficiency and knowledge they will need to succeed in the English-speaking world.

There are many component parts to the Language and Global Leadership Program. The main language component is called “The Conversationalist.” In this part, students will learn the anatomy of an English conversation and the ways that native-English speakers start, sustain, and end a conversation. This part of the program is designed to help students create positive communicative experiences with native speakers. Students begin to use these out-of-class conversations to collect the cultural information that they seek. Along with this language component, students will complete an ethnographic research project. This component of the Language and Global Leadership program is the student’s chance to dig deeper into the questions about American culture and life that he or she has. With two partners, students will determine an area of research, create survey questions related to their topic, conduct the survey in the field, and report their findings to the class and others. In addition, students will be asked to reflect on their experiences through writing. These reflections will become the impetuous for classroom discussions. Finally, the class instructors will implement pronunciation and vocabulary lessons to help students achieve clarity in the final speech.

In addition, the English language classes are content-based. Classroom discussions are centered on issues of national and global importance and everyday students are asked to formulate and share their opinions regarding these issues. Through interactions with instructors and in-class facilitators, students learn about the American perspective on the same topics. Program discussion topics include:

The Homeless and Welfare
Forms of Government
Global Leadership
Nuclear Energy
Gender Roles
Pollution and Recycling
Aging Population
Prejudice and Discrimination



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