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The California School of English offers high-quality short-term English Plus programs at our modern facility in southern California. We are seeking agents in Europe, Asia, North America and South America that are interested in recruiting school and youth groups and/or solo students for our programs. Our most popular programs include: ´English and American Experience´ language programs with homestay accommodation; short-term ´American High School Experience´ programs with homestay accommodation; ´English with Sport´ camps (Soccer/Baseball/Golf/Basketball/Surfing); and ´California Experience´ hostelling tours to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego with optional English study. We can also customize our existing programs or develop new programs to suit our clients. Our homestay program is key to our success with carefully recruited and selected host families; our location in California in the prosperous Temecula Valley is safe and comfortable for our students."

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This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students, Medium, 6-10 students, One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students
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