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UK College of English is a division of UK College of Business and Computing.
We offer General English, Spoken English, Cambridge ESOL, IELTS & PTE Exam Preparation courses, and a good range of other English courses for special purposes. All our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in teaching English. All our English courses include regular one-one sessions with a teacher as well as group sessions. We are UKBA Approved for teaching English courses in the UK. UKCE is a language school that provides English programs for everyone who has English as their second language.


Allgemeines Englisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Wochenstunden: Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche, Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

Größe der Klassen: Mittel, 6-10 Schüler, Groß, 11-20 Schüler

Levels: Grundstufe, Mittelstufe, Fortgeschrittene

Our General English courses will be tailored around your existing skill set after your level has been assessed with a placement test. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have advanced language abilities, our friendly and accommodating tutors will develop the core skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – required to improve your English.

General English classes with the UK College of English are designed to improve the fundamental skills of learning a new language. Through the communicative method of teaching, our tutors will use real-life examples and regular testing to enhance your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and will prepare you for tackling any challenges you may face in real-world scenarios. All classes have a maximum capacity of 14 people, meaning that full care and attention can be placed on every student.

Englisch Examensvorbereitung

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Zertifikate und Vorbereitungskurse: Cambridge CAE, IELTS, Cambridge FCE

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Wochenstunden: Entspannt 10-15 Stunden/Woche, Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

Größe der Klassen: Mittel, 6-10 Schüler, Groß, 11-20 Schüler

Duration: Courses available from 1 week to 48 weeks long
Timetable: 09:00am – 12:15pm
You need to have a minimum of B2 level before enrolling on the course. If you want to check your level, you can do our FREE level test.
Our courses do not include the external examination fee, which is £155 for IELTS Academic.

The International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) examination is the world’s most popular test for proving English proficiency, helping students onto the path to a brighter future in higher education, employment and migration. With more than two million examinations sat each year, and more than 9,000 professional organisations around the world accepting IELTS, sitting the examination presents students with the opportunity to receive a globally recognised certificate in the English language.

The UK College of English can help to provide training in the core elements of the English language and to guide you through the booking of your IELTS examination.

Who should study the IELTS preparation course?
IELTS has been designed for those individuals planning to either study or work in an English-speaking country, and is recognised by over 9,000 universities and employees as being the standard for English proficiency. If you’re heading abroad to study, work, or even migrate, this certification is essential, and our course preparing you for the examination represents the perfect choice.

What does the course cover?
The IELTS examination is divided into four modules: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our IELTS preparation course will cover each section accordingly, with our friendly qualified tutors conducting fun and interactive classes. Also our dedication to maintaining a maximum class size of no more than 14 students, means you can enjoy a learning experience that focuses on your individual needs. We will also provide mock examinations to help boost your confidence before the real thing.


This course is intended for Advanced (C1) learners of English. For more details of the language and functions required at this level, please see the relevant course description in the ‘General English Courses’ section. Aside from helping students prepare for an internationally recognised exam, the skills studied help students to demonstrate the ability to work and study independently in an English-speaking environment. In other words, they show the ability to use English with a high degree of flexibility.

Profi Englisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Levels: Fortgeschrittene

Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

English for the Digital Age

We are very pleased to be able to offer a new suite of programmes for 2018. Our commitment as an institution both to be future-facing and to engage with learners in a way that gives them every possi
ble help in seeking employment has resulted in the following areas of study.
English for Digital Marketing
Core areas of study – Digital Glossary; strategy & planning, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social
media marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), email marketing and analytics.
English for Brand Management
Bringing your brand to life through marketing and communication and measuring the impact of your
brand on your business.
English for Content Writing
Core areas of study – quality writing, punctuation and grammar; article length; readability; providing
value and insider techniques to deliver great impact; editing and proof-reading skills, best practices
for titles and subheadings, blogging, editorial planning, how to use keywords to improve SEO and
how to apply content marketing principles.
Each programme is a combination of specific language improvement, using the context of these key
knowledge areas. You will explore terms and the ideas that underpin them in courses based on indus
try specific training courses.
We have made these courses short and intense so that you can gain a high level of exposure to the
subject area in a short period of time.

English for the Digital Age
Class size: Max 14
Mon-Fri class hours: 25
General English 15 followed by 10 hours of subject specific classes
Duration: 2 weeks

Maßgeschneiderte Englisch Kurse

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Größe der Klassen: Einzelunterricht

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Grundstufe, Mittelstufe

Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche), Entspannt 10-15 Stunden/Woche

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Duration: Per hour Basis
Timetable: 1-16 hours per week, AM and PM

Learning English in a group environment is a rewarding and fun experience, but for many, one-to-one tutorship can have a more positive and rapid effect on development. Our English-language tutors can provide one-to-one tutoring tailored to your specific needs; whether it’s to speed up learning, provide assistance with areas of development, or drive you towards completion of a goal, our one-to-one classes will prove ideal.

To ensure that the service we provide matches the needs of our students, we run a flexible timetable with morning, afternoon and evening classes.

Who should join a one-to-one course?
Our one-to-one classes are available for anyone looking to develop their English-language skills in a relaxed environment with the undivided attention of an experienced tutor. Whether for work or pleasure, education or fun, we will be able to get you headed towards the goal you’ve set for yourself.

What does the one-to-one study programme cover?
The contents of a one-to-one tutorial will be tailored specifically to your own requirements, whether it’s help in pronunciation, preparation for examinations, or even assistance in business English. In addition, all tutors at UKCE have the experience to help define objectives and plot a path to achievement.

Why should I enrol on a one-to-one course?
The decision of whether or not to attend one-to-one classes is yours alone to make. We will encourage and assist you with any needs you have, and support you in your English-language development. We even offer a flexible timetable to ensure that, should you need our assistance, we will be able to offer a time during which we can help.



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