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ICEF is proud to share a close and meaningful relationship with Languages Canada. Over the years LC members have added great value to our events and we have grown together.  Now that we have a tool to specifically help language schools reach prospective students we want to ensure that it accessible to our closest partners.

 What is CourseFinders?

 Coursefinders.com is a recruitment resource for language programs. It allows schools to reach students all over the world efficiently and cost effectively.

 It is the most comprehensive web directory of language schools, including course information, school photos, videos and brochures, contact details and student reviews.  On average, 20,000 students a month from 168 different countries use the site. Traffic grew by more than 500% during 2015.

 Key benefits 

  • Receive quality enquiries from potential students
  • Generate student web traffic at a lower cost than Google Adwords
  • Leverage the power of reviews to help students find your programs
  • Save time managing student reviews of your program
  • Native language reviews help agents sell your courses

Languages-Canada-logo Special Offer for Languages Canada members

  • Language Canada member discount
  • Try the Review Tool free of charge for a year
  • Email promotion to 28,000 agents

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 The offer

Free $100 credit

 Receive CAD$100 of free credit when you buy $500. (i.e. pay $500 and receive $600). Credit is only deducted when students send you enquiries by clicking through to your website. If you have any credit unused after 12 months, we will refund or transfer the credit to another ICEF product. Scroll down to “How does the site work?” for further details of the credit system.


Free use of Review Tool throughout 2016

  Do you look at reviews when making a purchase decision? 88%* of travellers do, as do 72%** of travellers that use an agent. Language students are no exception. CourseFinders takes word of mouth marketing to a global scale, and the Review Tool saves you time by allowing you to show your student reviews on your own website. Agents have also started to use the review tool, as they know showing recent, relevant reviews to students helps to sell courses.

The Review Tool automatically updates with the latest reviews, and shows your site visitors the most relevant reviews to them. For example, a Brazilian student will see reviews by other Brazilians first, whereas a Korean student will see reviews by other Koreans first.

There is no obligation to continue using the tool after 2016.


Email promotion to agents

 All Languages Canada members that have completed their profile and gained at least 5 student reviews before January 15th 2016, will have their name and a link to their profiles included in an email delivered to 28,000 agents.

Get Started Today

 How does the site work?

 Students search for schools by language, destination, course type, qualification, sports, activities or any other keywords. All schools matching the search criteria are shown. Students then browse school profiles, view media, click through to school websites, download brochures and send enquiries.

 Schools that best match the search, that have the highest number of student reviews, and the highest average score from those reviews, are the most visible in the list of results. Schools can follow- up directly with the student or forward the enquiry to an agent in the student’s country.

 CourseFinders uses a “pay-as-you-go” model, which allows schools to manage budgets very efficiently. Schools add credit to their CourseFinder account, which is then gradually debited as students engage with their profile. (e.g. by sending an enquiry or downloading a brochure). There is no obligation to purchase credit, and your profile will not be removed if your credit balance reaches €0.

See more information here


 * Trip Advisor and European Commission 2009   ** Travel Weekly 2014



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