Aston Academy - previously MovingOn Courses (Belfast / Irlanda do Norte / Irlanda do Norte)

, near Belfast, Northern Ireland. We, the owners, Gavin and Sonia, are professional teachers but

University of Ulster (Belfast / Irlanda do Norte / Irlanda do Norte)

education and is first in Northern Ireland. We are a top UK university for providing courses with a period

North West Academy of English (Derry / Irlanda do Norte / Irlanda do Norte)

and friendly. Situated close to the border between the Republic of Ireland and N.Ireland, Derry is the

CEC - Cork English College (Cork / Kerry / Irlanda)

Established in 1978 , Cork English College is a family-run school specializing in Quality English language courses, personal attention and small class numbers. Our main adult centres are located in...

SERC - South Eastern Regional College (Lisburn / Irlanda do Norte / Irlanda do Norte)

Our aim is to provide a motivating, stimulating, active learning environment. By blending a face-to-face approach with web-based interactive learning, we use a range of techniques and resources to...

Foyle International (Londonderry / Irlanda do Norte / Irlanda do Norte)

School is based in the city of Derry which is in the North West of Northern Ireland, UK. Derry City has

mackdonald language academy (Kilkenny / Leinster / Irlanda)

impression of the cultural and natural beauty of Ireland. All Junior courses are 'all inclusive': English

leader in EFL in Ireland. Our centre is located in an elegant & stylish building in the heart of Cork

Dublin Cultural Institute (Dublin / Leinster / Irlanda)
Babel Academy of English (Dublin / Leinster / Irlanda)

Learn English in Dublin city centre at Babel Academy. Our top English language courses are General English, Business English, Exam Preparation (IELTS, FCE and CAE) and Intensive one to one. Join our...