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Sobre CEC - Cork English College

Established in 1978 , Cork English College is a family-run school specializing in Quality English language courses, personal attention and small class numbers. Our main adult centres are located in the heart of Cork City and our junior camps can be found in the best residential area of Cork.

Located in Cork city centre, our main school building is a beautifuly renovated historic building on the banks of the River Lee. The building itself is nearly 200 years old and is one of the landmark buildings of Cork city and was formerly a bank. We pride ourselves on offering a complete Quality product for the language learner from a quick efficient reservation system, to a selection of accommodation, to a varied and fun social programme. Our General, Exam Preparation and Business programmes run throughout the year as well as a wide range of ESP (Aviation & Military) and Teacher Training programmes. CEC is also an authorized Cambridge Examination Testing centre and official IELTS Testing centre. 

We offer Sport and Language programmes for juniors aged 10 – 17 in both host family and residential accommodation. Golf, Horse-Riding, Sailing, Soccer & Rugby are available as well as High School and Mini-Stay Programmes. We also offer a range of mini-stay programmes for groups throughout the year. CEC is a member of the Quality English network of schools

Serviços adicionais

  • Translado estação/aeroporto
  • Instalações para estudantes com deficiências físicas
  • Aconselhamento ao aluno
  • Orientação sobre vistos


  • Hospedagem em famílias
  • Hospedagem em famílias sem alunos falantes do mesmo idioma nativo
  • Apartamento próprio
  • Hotel/pensão
  • No campus

Trabalho e Estudos

  • Estudante com permissão para trabalhar / ganhar dinheiro durante o curso
  • Experiência de trabalho / estágio em empresas locais


  • Dança
  • Filme
  • Literatura
  • Música
  • História da Arte
  • Turismo cultural (teatro, museu etc.)
  • Geografia
  • Turismo histórico
  • História


Geral Inglês

83% 23 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

General English Courses are designed for students wanting to improve their level of English and fluency – be it for their studies, career or for personal development.

By the end of a course, the student will have:

* improved their knowledge and use of grammar

* increased their vocabulary range and use

* better oral, aural and pronunciation skills

* improved their written work and be able to read and better understand written texts. 

While the communicative approach is central, we always consider the individual learning style of our students.

Inglês Preparação para exames

89% 3 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Exams and Prep offered: GRE Prep, GMAT Prep, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE

CEC is an authorised Cambridge ESOL Examination centre and an official IELTS Testing centre.

We specialize in exam preparation courses and helping our students to achieve the best possible results. We acknowledge the increasing importance for students of having an internationally recognised certificate of their level in English both for study and work purposes. Our team of dedicated and experienced trainers use their in-depth knowledge of the exams to ensure students achieve the maximum possible results. Our academic team are always available to advise students on the best exam for their needs.

The primary focus is on improving the student’s overall English language level while at the same time familiarising them the components of their chosen exam. Please note a minimum entry level applies to our examination courses and students are advised to take our placement test before booking an exam course.

Inglês Preparação acadêmica

100% 2 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

CEC works in cooperation with a number of 3rd level institutes in Ireland to offer students a pathway into their chosen course of study in university. CEC has programmes suitable for students interested in both undergraduate degree programmes and masters level programmes.

The University Undergraduate Programme is a full-time programme of English and Academic study is designed to meet the needs of prospective international undergraduate students who need to improve their academic English in addition to developing subject specific knowledge in the their chosen area of study. The programme equips each learner with the academic language skills in addition to the subject specific skills needed to pursue a course of study in an English speaking University.

Our University Pre-Masters programme is a full-time programme designed for international students who have graduated from university in their own country. It is aimed at students who want to study at postgraduate level who wish to improve their linguistic and academic skills.

Negócios Inglês

88% 5 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

English has established itself as the international language of commerce and it is regarded as essential in the modern business world. Our courses are designed for professional business people as well as students wanting to improve their English communication skills in a business context. 

Our flexible, rolling enrolment option is unique in terms of traditional business courses and has become a well established and hugely popular course, with excellent student feedback on classes and teachers.

Each course consists of an initial interview, testing and needs analysis. The courses involve business English modules (Theory and Practical), Project work and Language skills development. The focus is on the development of the four skills. (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in a business context.

Profissional Inglês

0% 0 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Níveis: Avançado, Básico, Intermediário

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos, Aula particular, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

Cursos sob medida Inglês

0% 0 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

CEC have a range of courses that we can tailor to each students specific needs, from One-to-One courses to General and Business English Combination courses.

Inglês Cursos de Verão

84% 4 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

We’ve been organising exciting and innovative activity programmes for groups of teenagers for the past 35 years with great success. The main aim of the courses is to improve the students’ use and command of the English language through enjoyable activities – having fun in other words!

Our main centres are located in good residential suburbs of Cork City – Douglas & Bishopstown. All of our activities are fully supervised by professional trainers and all centres are recognised by the Department of Education. These courses offer a combination of language tuition in the mornings, with sporting and cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings. Our most popular junior course is the EL101 Summer Youth English Language & Activity Course.

The students are carefully graded on their arrival and levels range from beginners to advanced. The language courses consist of 20 lessons (15 hours) formal tuition in the mornings with a maximum of 12–15 students per class.

In the afternoons, there’s a programme of sports, excursions, debates and video sessions with sporting fixtures arranged against Irish teams. Evening activities include discos, karaoke, bingo and video evenings. These courses are for juniors aged between 12–17 years.

We offer a range of Winter Junior programmes from September to June. These programmes generally range in duration from 1 to 4 weeks and are for secondary school students. The programmes themselves are designed for each specific group and can range from 15 - 20 hours of tuition per week. We have a wide range of afternoon and evening activities to choose from, with host family accommodation. 

Inglês Treinamento para Professores

100% 1 Avaliação

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Teacher Refresher Courses - CLIL and PSA

We are committed to providing the highest quality teaching available, while still retaining an elusive and unique quality – the personal touch. CEC has been providing Teacher Trainer courses to teachers for a number of years now and we have a highly qualified and experienced Teacher Training Team. We are recognised by the Department of Education for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

Our courses are designed to give practicing teachers the opportunity to explore new ideas and methodologies in teaching English while at the same time increasing their own knowledge and use of the English language. It is the aim of Cork English College that those teachers who attend the course return to their schools with increased confidence in their ability to speak English, a range of practical ideas for the classroom and a renewed enthusiasm for their work



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CEC - Cork English College


estudado Geral Inglês

Better options in Cork

I had a three weeks course there and I am sure there are better options in Cork. Firstly they follow almost all the time a book sometimes with silly games good for A2 students.

They offer in the website things that are not true like the number of students in the class and the money you have to spend in material (you can rent the book but they tell you once you have bought it).

They mix students in the same class with very different levels and they do not seem to care about it. And, of course they tell you that is utterly impossible money refund (good for business I imagine)

publicado 1 ano atrás

CEC - Cork English College


Dear Raul,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your opinions and would have liked to have had more opportunity to talk with you in person about your lessons while you were studying with us. Your teachers did express concern to us that you did not seem to be fully participating in classroom activities. When a member of the Academic team went to speak to you to see if there was anything we could do to help, you were not in class. We subsequently responded to your phone call to change your class in your last week in order to to assist your learning. It is a pity you found some of the activities childish. We have reviewed all feedback from the classes that week and they were very positive. Teachers include a variety of activities in order to appeal to a range of different learning styles and of course, as we are all different, not every activity will be to everyone’s liking.

Having reviewed the classes, we can see that there were in fact a maximum of 11 students in your classes. Our maximum number of students is 12. Some bookings, such as for students in receipt of grants, include an arrangement for renting a book, however, this is exceptional and is not available for all students.

All students complete a placement test before starting lessons, and their teachers are in constant communication with each other about each individual learners’ level and progress in each aspect of their language knowledge and ability. But of course every student is different and has different strengths and weaknesses and this is evident in all language classes. As a school, we pride ourselves on the care taken to ensure students are in the right level. Teachers are fully qualified to assess levels according to the common European Framework of Reference, and undergo continuous training to stay fresh on this.

Best regards

CEC Team

publicado 8 meses atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Inglês Treinamento para Professores


Everything about my experience at CEC was perfect, I found it very useful. A professional team and a nice environment made the course I attended deeply inspiring.

publicado 1 ano atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Inglês Preparação para exames

A great experience

CEC is a very valuable school, it offers many services and possibilities of learning.
The teachers are competent and very well prepared, especially in the exam preparation courses.
I enjoyed my time meeting new friends from other nationalities and different ages, and I think that this is a unique opportunity to improve, not only my skills in English, but also my knowledge of the world.

publicado 1 ano atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Inglês Cursos de Verão

My experience at CEC

The school was situated near the main street, (St. Patrick), and it was reacheable with the bus that take in the city centre and then by walk on the bridge.
The teachers were very nice, competent, and prepared. The lessons weren't boring, and they were interesting.

publicado 2 anos atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Inglês Cursos de Verão

What a beautiful experience

The school was beautiful and the teaching was very good. The facilities were ok and there were a lot of opportunities to make new friends. I want to know about Irish culture.

publicado 2 anos atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Geral Inglês

My expierence in cork

The teacher is verygood and school is beautiful but is very small

P.S.Martin is my favorite teacher things for things beautiful expierenve bye bye Cork englisch school

publicado 2 anos atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Inglês Cursos de Verão

What a beautiful experience!

During these two weeks I had the opportunity to improve my English skills and socialize with people all over the world. I saw beautiful places all over Ireland and I enjoyed my time. The teachers were good as well, but the bathrooms were horrible, please change them.

publicado 2 anos atrás

CEC - Cork English College

República Checa   

estudado Geral Inglês

Cork is a nice city

The school was good, teachers here are really kind and helpful. I met a lot of new people from other countries. And Cork is a really beautiful city as well. With a lot of activities, shops and pubs :D Go to the Blarney Castle.

publicado 2 anos atrás

CEC - Cork English College


estudado Geral Inglês

I heart CEC

I had the most amazing time at CEC, it was beyond my expectations. The teachers are wonderful, always willing to help you. Every Friday we have an individual feedback with them to find out how we are progressing during the course, and with that we can always improve where we need to. Another thing that made me very happy to study at CEC is that we meet people from all over the world. I have made friends from Taiwan, France, Spain, Japan, Italy, China, Germany, Chile and South Korea. The school staff are always prepared do help us with anything that we need and are tottally prepared to deal with any kind of culture. I'm going to miss school everyday.

publicado 2 anos atrás



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