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Sobre Paraninfo

Located since 1973 in the university district of Argüelles, 10 minutes from Plaza Spain and near Moncloa, the Paraninfo Academy is a benchmark in the field of training thanks to a highly qualified, a rigorous methodology and an attractive range of courses teachers. The quality of our services, flexible schedules and our motto "The pleasure of learning" have to grow exponentially. recently expanded to receive an increasing number of students, it has plenty of natural light in its 18 classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment, air conditioning and free Internet access.


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Geral Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Níveis: Básico, Intermediário

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos

The Intensive Spanish Course is aimed at anyone who, either for personal reasons or for work, want to improve their level of lengua.Se is a course of 20 lessons of 55 minutes each in groups of 10 students maximum. Each group has two teachers who take turns after the break. All our teachers are native, qualified and experienced, will help a lot to achieve the ultimate goal: express yourself in Spanish fluently.

Espanhol Preparação acadêmica

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Spanish DELE exams
Speaking a language is not always enough, sometimes it is mandatory credit it with an official title. The Instituto Cervantes is the institution that certifies the linguistic competence through formal diplomas internationally recognized companies, public administration and universities. They possess a valid indefinitely and conform to the Common European Framework of Reference .

Profissional Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos, Aula particular, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

Horas Semanais: Descontração 10-15 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Níveis: Avançado

Combined Course Language Immersion in Madrid
The combined language immersion course is designed for professionals or students who wish to improve their Spanish in a very short time. This is a super intensive program of 10 hours per day in which you will be accompanied by a teacher at all times. The methodology focuses on communication, giving, at the same time, emphasis on the most important and complicated of Spanish, and written language grammar. Teachers are native, qualified and experienced.

For four hours a day you will participate in a course of general language along with other students, after these classes you go to lunch with a teacher for an hour and a half. After that you will have three hours individual lessons focused on the specific program you have chosen. Then, late in the day and for an hour, you will continue with a tutor.

Cursos sob medida Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana, Descontração 10-15 horas/semana

Tamanho da classe: Pequeno, 2-5 alunos, Aula particular

Níveis: Básico, Avançado, Intermediário

Extensive Spanish courses
6-4 hours per week
Recommended for students and professionals who can not attend class every day for their studies or work. It is indicated for people living in Madrid that have less time to learn Spanish.

If you have trouble understanding your colleagues at work or your roommates or are afraid of not being able to explain well to the doctor, this is your ideal course. You get to talk to correcting any topic and you integrarás easily into Spanish society.

For students and professionals who can not attend a Spanish course with a fixed schedule or who want to achieve their goals in a limited time. Individual lessons can also be combined with group courses. We adapt to schedule student preference and design the program that fits your specific needs. The learning pace is marked by the same student. Flexibility is the most important feature of this course.

Espanhol Cursos de Verão

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Descontração 10-15 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos

You want to learn languages ​​in summer? In the Paraninfo Academy of Madrid makes it easy!

Intensive Summer Language Courses
It has come the summer and heat! Immerse yourself in our intensive courses in English, French, Portuguese, Chinese or German during the months of July, August and September. It is time to take the time and learn a language! Lose stage fright when afrontes an interview or travels around the world. Our team of qualified teachers will help you achieve your goals in record time.



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