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Langue Onze language schol offers Intensive French courses year-round in small groups (6-12 max.) for all ages. Personalized attention, high standards, current themes and engaged teaching methods let students practice a language that's up-to-date and real.

Established in 1991, Langue Onze Toulouse is located in the historic centre of the beautiful 'Ville Rose'. Visitors to Toulouse will experience a rich mix of traditional French lifestyle and the latest in contemporary French culture. The school occupies 2 levels of a lovely 19th century building, 8 bright air-conditioned classrooms, student lounge, library and computer lab with free internet. Our professional accommodation service includes free airport transfer.

Langue Onze Toulouse has obtained the label "Qualité français langue étrangère, delivered by the French government. We are a member of Campus France, accredited by the Groupement FLE and approved by CSN Sweden and Bildungsurlaub in Germany. In addition to General and Business French, we propose Special Combined courses: French & Cooking, French & Oenology, Exam prep (DELF-DALF, TCF…) and for young students, Junior summer courses and custom-tailored 'study abroad' programs for school and university groups. Tandem conversation exchange with local French students is a free service. If you are seeking professionalism, creativity in language teaching, and a unique location to learn French, Langue Onze Toulouse is the place to go.


  • Hospedagem em famílias
  • Hospedagem em famílias sem alunos falantes do mesmo idioma nativo
  • Student Residence
  • Apartamento próprio

Serviços adicionais

  • Translado estação/aeroporto
  • Instalações para estudantes com deficiências físicas
  • Orientação sobre vistos

Trabalho e Estudos

  • Idioma e Au pair


Geral Francês

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-75

Tipo de local: Cidade

Níveis: Básico, Intermediário, Upper Intermediate, Avançado

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana

A French program ideal to develop your skills in French language, to get to know better the particularities of French culture and to exchange views.

This Intensive Plus French course is available all year long in our French language school in Toulouse.

The Intensive Plus classes are held over 27 group lessons a week of 45 minutes each, every morning from 9.15am to 1pm, and are accompanied by 2 afternoon workshops (4 lessons of 45 minutes in small groups) taking place Tuesdays and Wednesdays (or Tuesdays and Fridays for beginners A1).

Starting Dates 2020:
- Every Monday for A2 (elementary) to B2 (advanced) levels
- Special dates for absolute beginners (A1):
06/01 - 03/02 - 02/03 - 30/03 - 04/05 - 02/06 - 29/06 -
03/08 - 31/08 - 05/10 - 02/11
- Sessions for C1 levels: From March 2nd to october 2nd 2020
- Holiday season: the school will be closed from December 19th 2020 to January 3rd 2021

Francês Preparação para exames

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-75

Tipo de local: Cidade

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos, Grande, 11-20 alunos

Níveis: Upper Intermediate

DELF B2 preperation

Option 1
- 40 group lessons of 45 minutes + 1 mock exam under real exam conditions. Every afternoon, monday to friday.

Option 2
- 23 group lessons of 45 minutes: GENERAL FRENCH from Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 1pm every morning.
- 40 group lessons of 45 minutes + 1 mock exam under real exam conditions. Every afternoon, monday to friday.

DATES in 2020:
- April 14th to May 07th 2020
Examen 14 &15 May 2020

- July 27th to August 21st 2020
Examen 20 & 21 August 2020

- October 19th to November 13th
Examen 19 & 20 November 2020

Francês Preparação acadêmica

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-75

Tipo de local: Cidade

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

The combined French course is specially tailored if you wish to develop a working knowledge of general French and if you need French for professional or academic objectives.

The combined professional or academic French course is available all year round in our French language school in Toulouse.

It consists of a French intensive course every morning (23 lessons per week / 45 minutes each) and of individual sessions of professional or academic French in the afternoon, one-to-one lessons with a French teacher (6 individual hours per week).

As for the individual French tuition, you have the choice between 2 options depending on your objectives:

- Specialized French language, professional objectives
- Academic French language

Cursos sob medida Francês

24% 1 Avaliação

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-70

Tipo de local: Cidade

Níveis: Avançado, Básico, Intermediário

Tamanho da classe: Aula particular

The Individual French Course is tailor-made if you wish to obtain a working knowledge in general French, for your studies, your work or your daily life, and want to work, in an individual way, on one or two skills of your choice to better communicate in French.

This Individual French Course is available all year round in our French language school in Toulouse.

individual course: minimum 2 lessons of 45 minutes per week, one-toone woth a licensed teacher
semi private course: minimum 2 lessons of 45 minutes, two students with one teacher

Francês Cursos de Verão

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 12-17

Tipo de local: Cidade

Níveis: Básico, Intermediário

You are between 14 and 17 years old and wish to go on a French language course during your summer holidays to improve your French. Study French and enjoy an unforgettable experience by meeting people and learning at the same time: choose our junior French summer course!

Francês Treinamento para Professores

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-70

Tipo de local: Cidade

You are teaching French in your country. French is not your mother tongue and you are seeking to continually improve your professional skills, as part of the vocational training, a European project (ERASMUS+) or for personal purposes. Choose our French language school and our experienced teachers to update your teaching strategies while enjoying Toulouse and its unique cultural environment!

Our next session available is October 26th to november 6th 2020.



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Langue Onze Toulouse


estudado Cursos sob medida Francês

Just an average school with unmotivated staff

I studied in Langue Onze for 2 months, the first 2 weeks was in the school while the rest was online class, below are my comments and findings;

Negative / Cons
⁃ The school is a small enterprise compared to other language school that I have enrolled before.
⁃ Majority of the rooms are small, it is enough for 4 students but they put 6 to 7.
⁃ The activities they organised every afternoon was always cancelled.
⁃ I paid my tuition 6 months in advance and confirmed my arrival more than 1 month before the start of my class but when I arrived the TANDEM program is not ready for me. I have to ask for it and at one point I have to beg for it, the response was just a mere “Sorry”. Due to this scenario, I think there’s no coordination between their culture desk and the one communicating with the arriving students. I ended my training without a TANDEM program.
⁃ There’s no weekend excursion program or even the school is recommending to their students to another sector.
⁃ During the face to face class, there were 2 class for my level (B1), around 6 students per class but during the online class they mixed the 2 class, therefore so many students for an online class, it prevents the students to really have a quality time in engaging with the professor. I notified this to the school directrice but no actions have been made, I was explained that the there's no available teacher. But there were 2 teachers during the face to face class.
⁃ There’s no chronological structure in the lesson because on my 7th and 8th week, the lesson was recurring from my 1st and 2nd week.
⁃ Their culture / welcome desk is very unmotivated in my own opinion.
⁃ During the start of the confinement, there were 2 days off decided by the school but they did not make any effort to replace the lost time by doing a make-up class.

Positive / Pros
⁃ My only professor Jordi is a good teacher.
⁃ Claire was the only flexible teacher who did not cancel the afternoon activity even though we are only 2 students.
⁃ The karaoke activity was fun, just once though.

publicado 5 meses atrás

Langue Onze Toulouse


Dear Eric,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you are not really satisfied with your experience in our French school.

We do understand your dissatisfaction regarding the cultural program. Indeed, you started your French course in our school on March 1st, 2020. European countries just started to face to the coronavirus pandemic and governments’ restrictive announcements were increasing daily. We had to deal with this unheard of situation and find new solutions to insure safety to our students on site and to our future students. So, it is true that our cultural program and tandem service has been impacted. This was a stressful time and our colleague in charge had also to organise the repatriation of the group in their home country.

Then, regarding your French courses; our school had to close on March 16th, 2020. Very fast, we implemented online courses, on March 18th. We offered to make up these two days and our team has been very flexible and offered you different solutions. Concerning the content of your course, you repeated the B1 level but, as requested by our quality standards, your teacher changed all the materials and exercises in order to help improve your skills and fulfil your objectives, and not to only repeat the same course.

I also kindly remind you that you still benefit from a year of full access to our e-learning platform “Le Plus en Ligne” which will be updated in the coming days and enriched with cultural content.

Please note that the administrative team also helped you in the translation of many documents your needed and try hard to answer all your requests. Be sure that the well-being and satisfaction of our students is always our priority.

We thank you for your understanding during this outstanding situation.
We hope you reached your objectives in French and that we will welcome you again in near future with normal conditions.

Best regards

publicado 5 meses atrás



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