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The College of Spain, offers a great variety of courses throughout the year. Besides courses that we have scheduled, we offer the possibility of designing tailor-made courses for individuals, professionals and groups (of all ages and nationalities) with own needs who wish to learn Spanish and the Spanish and latin american cultures.

The College gives the possibility of obtaining university credits validated by the Pontifical University of Salamanca. In addition, if a student wishes to obtain university credits by accomplished a course, you should request information at their own University, in which case the head of Department will inform the College's requirements for such recognition.

Serviços adicionais

  • Esporte aquático


  • Equitação
  • Natação
  • Golfe
  • Dança
  • Basquete
  • Tênis
  • Futebol


  • Student Residence
  • Apartamento para dividir
  • Hospedagem em famílias sem alunos falantes do mesmo idioma nativo
  • Hospedagem em famílias
  • Apartamento próprio


  • História da Arte
  • Eventos culturais locais (festivais etc.)
  • Turismo histórico
  • Turismo cultural (teatro, museu etc.)
  • Filme
  • Música
  • Culinária
  • Teatro


Geral Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Níveis: Básico, Avançado, Intermediário

Intensive Spanish Language Course

This course deals with all aspects of language according to the student´s level: oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression, grammar and vocabulary.

On the first day of the course, students will take a short test to determine their level of Spanish.

At the end of the course, students receive a Study Certificate or an Attendance Certificate.

University Credits (recognized and accredited by the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca: to obtain credits (8), students should take a program of minimum 4 weeks (80 hours). The credits have an additional cost. More information [email protected].

Espanhol Preparação para exames

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Descontração 10-15 horas/semana

Níveis: Básico, Intermediário, Avançado

Tipo de local: Cidade

In this specific preparatory course aimed at obtaining the Certificate DELE, all skills (written and listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written expression and interaction, etc.) with tasks similar to those that will be the test is working.

The course is taught by teachers who, aside from having more than 15 years of experience in preparing students for these types of exams, have been accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as DELE examiners. For this reason, the pass rate among students who prepare for the exam at the Colegio de España is very high.

curso de preparación DELE The DELE is an official qualification certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.
The Colegio de España prepares students for the exams, but it is not an examination centre.

Inscription forms are available in examination centres.

On the Instituto Cervantes website (www.dele.cervantes.es/en/), you can find all the information about the deadlines for application at the DELE exams.

Negócios Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana

Tamanho da classe: Grande, 11-20 alunos, Médio, 6-10 alunos, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

Níveis: Avançado, Intermediário

Tipo de local: Cidade

This course is aimed at those people who in addition to being interested in expanding their knowledge of the language want to complete his apprenticeship with the specific Spanish in the world of enterprise and business. It is also aimed at people who want to obtain the certificate of Spanish business afforded by the official Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

Espanhol Cursos de Verão

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Tipo de local: Cidade

Níveis: Avançado, Intermediário, Básico

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana

Espanhol Treinamento para Professores

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Níveis: Avançado

Tipo de local: Cidade

Programas para adolescentes Espanhol

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 13-70

Níveis: Intermediário, Básico, Avançado

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Tipo de local: Cidade



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