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Erin School of English

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19-22 Dame Street, Dublin 2 , Dublin (view map)
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Welcome to Erin School of English. We are proud to welcome students from all over the world to study at our year-round, ACELS-accredited school and to experience everything that Dublin has to offer.
Erin School of English prepares students for a lifetime of speaking English, all of our general English courses include exam preparation for TIE, IELTS and Cambridge exams. Learn all the English that you need to work and play with us. We are dedicated to providing a first class education using materials, methods and skills relevant to today’s globalized society. All of the teachers are completely dedicated to making sure you get the best out of your English course and that you progress as much as you possibly can in your time with us.


Cours de Anglais général

98% 2 Commentaires

Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 18-80

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Max 15 students per class

Cours de Anglais à des fins académiques

100% 1 Commentaire

Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 18-90

Niveaux: Elémentaire, Avancé, Intermédiaire

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Relax (10-15 h/semaine)

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants

We can have max 15 students per class



3 Commentaires

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Erin School of English


Etudié Préparation universitaire en Anglais

Great value for money

Honestly, I expected less of this school because of the low prices they have. However I became surprised when I went there because the level was pretty high actually. The teachers there are amazing people and I'm glad I met them. I recommend Erin school.

Publié 4 Il y a ... ans

Erin School of English


Etudié Anglais général

Erin School, Dublino

Lo scorso ottobre ho avuto modo di frequentare un corso per migliorare la conoscenza della lingua inglese presso la Erin School di Dublino. È stata un'esperienza che consiglio vivamente a chiunque abbia la possibilità di farla. A parte la città bellissima, i docenti della scuola sono molto preparati; l'attività didattica è impostata in maniera tale da coinvolgerti in prima persona. Tutto il personale della scuola è comunque sempre disponibile per fornire chiarimenti di qualsiasi genere.

Publié 6 Il y a ... ans

Erin School of English


Etudié Anglais général

Amazing Experience

A great school in the heart of Dublin. The teachers and the staff are very cool, I look forward going back. thank you very much for everything :)

Publié 6 Il y a ... ans



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