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Upper Campsfield Barns, The Straight Mile , Oxford (view map)

À propos Oxford Spires International

Oxford Spires International offers a range of Education Experiences for Junior & Senior Young Learners (ages 8-17) interested in visiting the UK.
Our British Council accredited programmes in English Language Learning, Academic Study and Primary and High School Integration, offer something for everyone interested in improving themselves linguistically and academically.
In addition to our centres in Oxford we have extended our experiences to also include Cambridge and Cheltenham enabling us to offer a range of year-round, winter, spring and summer courses.

Why choose us?
Oxford Spires International provides an ideal environment for young learners to develop their skills and confidence in using the English language.
Oxford Spires benefits from being part of the Oxford Active family, which has been providing safe and exciting programmes for children in England since 1998.
We have educational courses operating all year round, which means we have full-time staff focused on the development of our programmes and providing a personal, safe and consistent service for our students.
Our friendly and dedicated team are always happy to help. From enquiries to logistics, specific course requirements and special requests we will offer support and guidance wherever possible.
Whether through full immersion at a local school, a themed English programme, or simply enjoying fun activities with other local and international students – we provide as many opportunities as possible for students to test and expand their English communication skills throughout their stay. So, talk to us about your next UK visit. Oxford Spires will always aim to deliver the best possible programme; professionally, proudly and with the Oxford Spires spirit!


  • Résidence étudiante
  • Sur le campus
  • Logement en familles d'accueil où il n'y a pas d'étudiants de même langue maternelle
  • Logement en familles d'accueil

Services supplémentaires

  • Facilitation des démarches pour l'obtention d'un visa
  • Infrastructures pour étudiants en situation de handicap
  • Transfert aéroport/gare


  • Danse
  • Musique
  • Théâtre
  • Mode
  • Visites de lieux historiques
  • Evènements sur le campus
  • Cinéma
  • Littérature
  • Art/ peinture
  • Tourisme culturel (théâtre, musées, etc.)


Cours de Anglais d'été

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 8-17

Type de lieu: Rural/Campagne, Ville moyenne/grande

Niveaux: Avancé, Elémentaire, Intermédiaire, Intermédiaire supérieur

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Grand, 11-20 étudiants, Moyen, 6-10 étudiants

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Relax (10-15 h/semaine), Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Programmes de Anglais juniors

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 8-17

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants, Grand, 11-20 étudiants

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Général (15-25 h/semaine), Relax (10-15 h/semaine)

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire, Intermédiaire supérieur

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande, Rural/Campagne



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