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The International House World Organisation (IHWO) is a network of language schools worldwide that are committed to implementing high standards of quality and innovation in education and training. There are currently over 140 schools in more than 40 countries.

Welcome to International House Madrid

Over 30 years experience in training both students and language teachers. Our methodology is based on real communication, and is taught by native teachers in continuing professional development. If you want to learn Spanish, English, French or German for any age or level or train to become an English Teacher... contact IH Madrid now!


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Cours de Espagnol général

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Niveaux: Elémentaire, Intermédiaire, Avancé

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Petit, 2-5 étudiants, Moyen, 6-10 étudiants, Grand, 11-20 étudiants

Intensive Spanish courses
Our most popular language programme, the intensive Spanish courses consist of 20 hours of class plus a social programme of visits and activities in the afternoon. These courses are aimed at achieving a sound level of communicative ability in Spanish.

Classes are lively and fun and you will focus on real-life situations using speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Course details:
• Classes are of 4 hours per day (classes are every morning, Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 1:30, with a 20-minute break)
• Class size: maximum 12, average 8
• Levels: All levels from A1 to C2
• The minimum age is 16
• Available in 6 different levels (A1 - C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Intensive plus (20 plus 5 individual classes)

An ideal combination of group lessons and individual teaching to kick start your Spanish and reach your goal! This course includes 20 lessons plus 5 individual classes a week. The one to one class are tailor made to help you reinforce your knowledge of Spanish.

Spanish language and culture for 50s+

Enjoy Spanish with your peer group! This course is intended for those who fall into the 50 + age group and wish to improve their Spanish at their own pace while combining it with Spanish culture. We have created a separate cultural programme to accompany this course which includes activities such as art and cooking classes, wine tasting and extended guided visits to the various art galleries and museums to name but a few.

Cours de Anglais général

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Intensive English courses
The course is designed to give you the best results in the shortest possible time, completing a full level in just one month. Your morning will be spent with 2 or 3 different teachers to ensure exposure to a range of accents, but they will work in conjunction to co-ordinate and monitor your progress. If you continue your contact with English in the afternoon (watching DVDs, reading, attending Conversation Club etc) can enjoy the advantages of a course in the UK without leaving Madrid.

Language school in Madrid Superintensive Summer
Maximise your progress with a Superintensive Summer course. Designed to give you optimum results in the shortest possible time, this course enables you to complete a whole level in just one month. You’ll spend the day with 2 different teachers which will give you exposure to different accents. The teachers will co-ordinate closely to plan the course and monitor you progress. If you continue to practice English outside class (watching DVDs, reading etc) it’ll be like doing a course abroad without needing to leave Madrid.

This course allows you to go up a level in the least possioble time. This course demands a high level of dedication.

Préparation aux examens de Espagnol

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Intensive DELE preparation course

DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or “Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma”. It is the official exam for non-native Spanish speakers that is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Instituto Cervantes sets the exam in cooperation with the University of Salamanca.

The exam courses are designed to ensure that your study time is focused on passing the exam. You will review past DELE exam questions, learn exam techniques and receive insider tips from experienced DELE exam teachers.

The DELE exam preparation courses are intensive and demanding. You will need to study hard and learn a lot quickly.

Start Date: 2/4 weeks prior to exam
Timetable: Monday to Friday 9.30 – 13.30 (group classes), 14.30-15.30 (one to one classes)
Hours per week: 25 hours

Préparation aux examens de Anglais

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Duration: 4 weeks

Hours and days: 9:30-12:30 Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (July and September, and CAE September); Monday, Wednesday and Friday (CAE July), 18:30-21:30 Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (FCE July and September, and CAE September); Monday, Wednesday and Friday (CAE July)

Available in: ih Nuevos Ministerios

Dates: 4 jul - 27 jul (FCE); 4 jul - 20 jul (CAE)
1 sep – 28 sep

Cours de Anglais à des fins professionnelles

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Relax (10-15 h/semaine)

Certificate in English for the Fashion and Luxury Industry
The fashion industry requires people who know how to relate to customers in a variety of different cultures and are able to communicate with them in English.

Madrid has become the European capitals with the largest number of tourists interested in high end fashion, many of the most elegant and fashionable brands in the capital need staff who can cope in this demanding new sector. An essential requirement is fluent in English and know the specific vocabulary as well as the codes in dealing with the foreign customer.

Our course is focused to making you successful in the luxury sector.

Cours de Espagnol sur mesure

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Niveaux: Intermédiaire, Avancé, Elémentaire

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Relax (10-15 h/semaine), Général (15-25 h/semaine), Intensif (>25 h/semaine)

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Closed groups

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain.
IH Madrid offers Spanish teachers or anybody looking for a customized course a rewarding experience to study Spanish in Spain’s great city of Madrid.

Our closed group courses are tailor-made to suit budgets, interests and specific requests, such as number of students per class, hours, programme content, and accommodation. We consider the students’ ages and subject of focus with or without a project and always balance the tuition with a social and entertainment element.

Normally all the groups have Homestay: Students usually feel completely at home with their families and enjoy this unique opportunity to fully integrate into Spanish family life.
The intimate relationship with the family encourages the natural use of every-day Spanish. Most families live very close to the school and all of them are located in less than 10-15 minutes walking distance.

Contact us to design the course that is specifically suited for your exact needs



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