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Meiji Academy - Japanese Language, Culture and Internships

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Watanabedori 5-1-26, Chuo-ku , Fukuoka (view map)

Über Meiji Academy - Japanese Language, Culture and Internships

Meiji Academy is your gateway to Japan!

We offer a great variety of Japanese language classes to make sure you can study in the way that is most efficient and fun for you. In addition our classes are small (not more than 6 students) and focus on conversation, so that you will be able to speak Japanese quickly.

Our Standard Japanese course has 20 lessons per week. If you want to learn even faster, you can chose our Intensive Japanese course, which adds 4 private lessons with your teacher (24 lessons in total). We also offer Japanese Culture courses that include 6 hours of activities in the afternoon. The Japanese Traditional Culture course offers activities like tea ceremony or Kimono wearing. The Japanese Pop Culture course will focus on Manga and Anime and lets you visit a Maid café.

Our very popular Japanese Business course will teach you all the spoken and unspoken rules that apply when working in a Japanese company. We especially recommend taking this course, if you plan to do an internship with us or want to work in Japan in the future.

Zusätzliche Services

  • Wassersport
  • Flughafen/Bahnhof-Transfer
  • Studienberatung


  • Unterbringung bei Gastfamilie
  • Eigenes Apartment
  • Wohngemeinschaft
  • Studentenwohnheim

Jobs und Studiengänge

  • Arbeitserfahrung / Praktika bei lokalen Firmen


  • Kochen
  • Kulturtourismus (Theater, Museum, etc.)
  • Wandern
  • Besichtigung von historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten
  • Geschichte
  • Veranstaltungen auf dem Campus
  • Ehrenamtliche Arbeit
  • Studentenveranstaltungen
  • Kulturelle Veranstaltungen vor Ort (Festivals, etc.)


Allgemeines Japanisch

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This course is for students aged: 10-70

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, obere Mittelstufe, Mittelstufe, Grundstufe

Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Größe der Klassen: Klein, 2-5 Schüler

Our Standard Japanese course that focuses on conversation. 20 hours a week in small classes (up to 6 students). You will be able to talk to your Japanese friends and order yummy food in no time! The price is: 30,000JPY/week

Business Japanisch

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This course is for students aged: 10-70

Wochenstunden: Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe, Grundstufe, obere Mittelstufe

Ort des Aufenthalts: Stadt

Größe der Klassen: Klein, 2-5 Schüler

This course teaches you Japanese business language and manners. You will visit our Standard Japanese course (20 hours a week) and 6 extra classes on Japanese Business per week (26 lessons in total). The price is: 40,000JPY/week



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