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Über La Lingua La Vita

From the beginning of its history, La Lingua La Vita, Italian language school, has based its teaching philosophy on the concept that the student is the focal point, recalling the theories of American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), founder of the humanistic “human-centered approach”. This guidance has allowed us to pay continuous attention to the potential harboured in every human being and therefore, to the individuality of our students. We listen to their needs, personalize their training courses with new learning techniques aimed at achieving their specific language goals and, at the same time, offer economic solutions which are sustainable and can also be financed. Our distinguised learning programs, along with our financial aid counselling, allow us to offer economic solutions which are sustainable and can be financed. This enables us to attract students from all over the world for our Italian as a foreign language courses.

Founded by the Etruscans and developed under the Romans, Todi is a small medieval town with Renaissance buildings in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Todi is the ideal hub for visiting Umbria and the rest of central Italy. Rome is just 90 minutes away, Florence two hours, and both cities are easily reached by car, train or bus. There is also the Sant’Egidio International airport, just 30 minutes away from Todi in the outskirts of Perugia. Its central location allows you to reach the historical attractions of Umbria, such as Perugia, Spoleto, Orvieto and Assisi in as little as 30 minutes. In Todi and Umbria you can enjoy an alternative lifestyle, one that offers values eagerly sought after today because they are rare in modern society: slow daily rhythms allowing time for reflection, the silence of woods and free spaces - and mostly the richness of sincere and profound human relationships.

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Allgemeines Italienisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe, Grundstufe

Wochenstunden: Entspannt 10-15 Stunden/Woche, Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

Größe der Klassen: Mittel, 6-10 Schüler, Klein, 2-5 Schüler

GROUP COURSES* (20 hours per week):
Organized for a minimum of four students and a maximum of eight, these courses are comprised of four hours of lessons each morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, for a total of 20 hours per week. Our groups usually represent a mix of different world cultures - American, English, Japanese, German, Polish, among others - while still maintaining a homogenous linguistic level.

COURSES FOR 2/3 PEOPLE* (15 hours per week):
With two to three students, these courses are offered only when the minimum requirement of four students to initiate a Group Course is not met. The price is the same as for Group Courses but the setting is a bit more intimate, allowing each student to receive more personalized attention.

INDIVIDUAL COURSES* (10 hours per week):
For one student only, these courses are only offered when the minimum of two students required to start a semi-individual course is not reached and, as one can imagine, the student has the benefit of the full attention of the instructor.

*The Course Coordinator customizes the lessons after having evaluated the language level for each student based on the results of their preliminary test that they took prior to the course.

How many times have you said "I want to learn a few Italian words so I can go on vacation to Italy and have the locals understand me?" Excellent! We can help you reach that goal with an Italian course concentrating on the language used while travelling: that is, asking for information, directions, travel timetables, booking a room or a table in a restaurant, entering a shop and buying whatever you want without feeling embarassed or simply being able to "shoot the breeze" with the Italians you'll meet during your holiday.

MOUNTAINS AND SEAS (available all year round)
Todi: Founded by the Etruscans and developed by the Romans, Todi is a small, medieval town with Renaissance buildings in the heart of the stunning Umbrian countryside.
Salerno: The city of Salerno is ideally located right on the wonderful Amalfi coast (Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento) famous for its clean, emerald green sea.

Our 4 week programme:
- 2 weeks in SALERNO + Italian Course
- 2 weeks in TODI + Italian Course
- In all 27 NIGHTS half board with a host family in a single room
- 4 hours a day tuition in a group / 20 hours per week

This course is structured into lessons consisting of theoretic ideas enriched with practical exercises using literary, descriptive and poetic texts as well as dialogs taken from everyday life.

Todi e Bevagna, two cities two jewels! Want to study Italian but not only and always in Todi? May we suggest a 2-week course where you can stay the first week with a family or in an apartment in Todi, Jacopone’s splendid hometown where history and ambiance come together in a unique atmosphere. Your second week will be spent in a typical and historic hotel in Bevagna, medieval architectural gem, surrounded by fertile Umbrian plains which present themselves as a multicoloured mosaic dotted with wheat, corn and tobacco fields and green hills where vineyards and olive groves reign. Italian lessons are held in the mornings while afternoons are free (to enjoy the surroundings in utter relaxation). Students can also participate in weekly activities organized by the school.

Want to study Italian without any surrounding walls? Come to Todi! We offer you the chance to study Italian out in the open, that is, in direct contact with the local townspeople, at the museum, the coffee shop, post office, amusement park and restaurant, all the while strolling along the city streets. Two hours in the classroom and you’re off for two hours in the open air to practice what you just learned, always accompanied by our teacher-friend!

Want to study Italian in a peaceful and relaxing town while at the same time have the chance to visit the main cities in Umbria, even with just a single week’s stay? Our teachers await you in the classroom every morning (4 hours) while our guides will accompany you in the afternoons to discover the most beautiful and important towns in Umbria: Orvieto, Spoleto, Assisi, Spoleto and Perugia.

Want to study Italian and learn about Perugino and Pinturicchio? Our school offers a program that consists of Italian language classes in the morning followed by afternoons spent discovering the precious works of art attributed to these two great painters and sprinkled among the most typical churches, abbeys and cathedrals in Umbria’s cities (Assisi, Spello, Perugia, Spoleto), always accompanied, of course, by one of our expert teacher-guides.

We look forward to having you come to Todi where we’ll organize Italian lessons for you in the morning and then meet up every afternoon to share each of the following experiences together:
- Dining in a typical restaurant featuring Umbrian cuisine
- Tasting our region’s best wines
- Sampling typical cheeses
- Cooking and eating our town’s typical cuisine in the home of a very nice and exceptional cook right from Todi.

Courses of the Italian language, phonetics, and diction for foreign opera singers or classical music lovers. The first of their kind, these unique courses are offered for highly qualified and interested people and are given by teachers who are specialized in linguistics and music.

The course is based on two fundamental approaches to learning, one in a group setting and the other individually. The first approach focuses on improvement of the Italian language structure and communication practice; the second approach consists of the study of techniques for music production to reach an excellent songs playback (arias, duets).The courses are given in antique buildings in the historical center of the town.

This is a specific course for priests, nuns, seminarians and obviously anyone who wants to further their religious linguistic ability, specific terminology and the particular formulas used in liturgies. The course foresees analysis of sacred texts (the Gospel and the Bible), diction lessons, pronunciation and broadening of vocabulary base.

Given the proximity to Rome, papal seat as well as renowned center for students of theology, and to Collevalenza, seat of the Sanctuary of Merciful Love where Mother Speranza is buried, Todi is a good location to combine a study vacation with spiritual analysis.

Weekly Italian language courses for groups of students aged over 50. Four hours of Italian lesson in the mornings with afternoons dedicated to visiting the most beautiful cities in Umbria, dining in typical restaurants and sampling some of Umbria’s delicacies. Students will be accompanied by a teacher during afternoon and evening activities who will share in the pleasure of their company. A week full of studying and touring!

Want to go on vacation with your family and study Italian? We await you in Todi with courses that can be adapted to suit you and your family’s needs. Mom, Dad, the kids and grandparents...will all study in the mornings at the same time but of course in different classrooms. During the afternoons, we’ll organize family outings for you that will give you a chance to have fun and to get to know Umbria a little bit. Excursions to the Marmore cascade, the big amusement park at Città della Domenica, the animal park “Parco del Sole” and Lake Trasimeno where you can take a ferry to visit quaint Polvese Island.

If you’re a modern mom and really want to study Italian with us for as long as you want but don’t know who to leave the baby with or maybe even don’t want to leave it with anyone... come to Todi! We’ll take care of everything!
We’ll take care of you, by having you participate in morning Italian classes, and our babysitters will take care of your baby while you’re studying. Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to do this. Other mothers have done it and have completely placed their faith in us!

Business Italienisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Mittelstufe, Fortgeschrittene

Are you someone who is completely immersed in his/her job, or will soon be, and need to fine-tune your Business Italian? Come to Todi! We’ll organize a course for you (individually or in a class with others with your same needs) which will allow you to be much more confident and fluent when you speak Italian at work!

Italienisch online

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Größe der Klassen: Klein, 2-5 Schüler, Einzelunterricht

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe, Grundstufe

Wochenstunden: Entspannt 10-15 Stunden/Woche

Would you like to improve your Italian but don't have time? Now you can study with your teachers from the comfort of your own home! La Lingua La Vita's mother-tongue teachers are available for English lessons on Skype.

Lessons are intended as a follow-up for students who have participated in our courses and are also effective for those who don't yet know the quality of our services but who want to improve and consolidate their Italian.

Sessions last 60 minutes and are broken down into 45 minutes of lesson followed by 15 minutes of feedback aimed at giving working suggestions as well as learning tips in preparation for the next lesson. Course packages consist of a minimum of 10 hours and can be accumulated. Lessons can be individual or in pairs.

Maßgeschneiderte Italienisch Kurse

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche), Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe, Grundstufe

In the splendid background of relaxing nature, we transform the need to learn a language into an everyday pleasure. We strive to help you improve your everyday conversation skills and broaden your range of useful expressions while further increasing your language base in whatever specific field interests you.

Design your Program! All of our intensive programs are entirely made to measure, flexible and aimed at student interests. The contents, the program and the teaching procedures will be defined following a propaedeutic analysis of student demands, therefore shaped day after day according to constant progress achieved during the course.

Week-long and weekend courses, throughout the year for individuals or small groups, from breakfast right through to dinner with the teacher, from 17.5 up to 65 hours a week.

Do you want to study Italian in the comfort of your own home, without a computer, a webcam or Internet connection? But with a teacher on hand with whom you can speak and engage in conversation eye to eye? Great! Our school can organize Italian courses at home for you during the hours which best fit into your schedule.

The Beyond Language programme is based on innovative techniques which permit at least 30% more learning compared to traditional methods. Our programme aims to develop capabilities not normally utilized and to uncover internal resources that favour access to an elevated state of learning. The techniques used tend to increase the potential of our creative and emotional aspects so that even the potential of the right side of the brain is fully involved in linguistic learning.

A fundamental part of our programme is the identification of the student’s objectives and the creation of efficient strategies and techniques to achieve them. Our programme helps the student to productively transform their subjective experience of life, allowing them to reach internal resources through the use of:
- Original audio-visual material that facilitates immersion in real life situations
- Modelling and role-play created and performed by the student
- Techniques of vocal expression and body language from the point of view of global communication
- Techniques of emotional expression through the study of body language and non verbal communication
- Creative visualisations that promote the activation of alpha and beta waves in the brain, in order to create a high degree of receptiveness.
- States of relaxation induced by breathing exercises, as well as yoga and other relaxation techniques, with the aim of reaching the potential of the right side of the brain, considered the seat of creative and analogical thought; of intuitive aspects and of long term memory
- Study of physiology – the position of the body, paying particular attention to eye-movement and breathing, with the aim of channelling latent energy towards the objectives. To this end the body is used as an active teaching instrument through exercises that aim to make physiology an integral part of the learning process.
- Complete immersion in an energetic context that revolves around student-teacher interaction.
- The fun approach of the course is enhanced by dramatisation and modelling techniques that act as feedback of the behavioural and mental habits of the student in the field of language.

Do you want to fine-tune a specific aspect of your Italian? Do you want to concentrate on a precise part of Italian grammar? Are you just interested in conversation? Only reading? Or do you just want to practice your written correspondence? In short, is there some specific part of Italian that you want to focus on with our teachers? Come to Todi and we’ll organize a custom-tailored course to meet your needs and requirements.

This is a new format allowing students to have a private instructor completely at his/her disposal during various daily activities. Students can ‘book’ their favorite teacher to accompany them on walks, to sporting activities, to take car trips, have lunch or dinner in local restaurants, or just to chat while queuing at the post office or at the bank. This course is totally flexible in terms of the student’s own needs and priced accordingly.

Italienisch Lehrer Training

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Wochenstunden: Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche

Levels: Fortgeschrittene

Our teacher training course is aimed at those who are interested in the profession of teaching Italian; It is also useful for those who are already have teaching experience and wish to acquire innovative techniques based on the principle of the centrality of the student.

The program is in fact based on techniques that allow a faster learning and better quality of 25- 30% compared to traditional methods. Our programme aims to develop capabilities not normally utilized and to uncover internal resources that favour access to an elevated state of learning. The method comes from assimilation, in a formula entirely original, different tools and language teaching methods that summarize the most fruitful legacy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the therapies of emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and include the actors' techniques of the Strasberg method, used in dramatizations in a foreign language.

Italienisch-Kurse für Schüler

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This course is for students aged: 13-70

Levels: Mittelstufe, Grundstufe, Fortgeschrittene

Wochenstunden: Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche

Größe der Klassen: Groß, 11-20 Schüler

Are you between the ages of 7 and 15? Are you looking for a place where you can speak Italian, go hiking in the countryside, swim, play and have fun? Speaking Italian is easier and more fun when you are busy with other activities like hiking in the woods, eating snacks and playing in the water. Throughout the week you will be able to immerse yourself in the Italian language and not just spoken Italian – we will also be singing traditional Italian songs. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to observe the stars as well.

In the enchanting atmosphere of the "Green Heart of Italy", the importance of learning a language turns into a chance to have a lot of fun. Learning Italian fits in well with all the activities we offer: from singing to hiking, from a picnic in the fields to a swim in the pool, from day-to-day activities to those that are more interesting. The sounds become familiar and easier to remember. When the body responds naturally to directions given in another language a connection is made with that language which goes beyond the core of memorisation. It’s not difficult to understand a language when an idea is illustrated by physical action. This program, far from being an academic, classroom-based course, is designed to suit an active learning style, taking into account the widespread and natural desire to have fun and the individual personality of each boy and girl. There is no need to do any special preparation to take part in the course.



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