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Welcome to Eurocentres San Diego, a Division of International Educational Services, LLC!
Our focus is on providing quality instruction for international and local students who want to develop the skills they need to succeed in their university studies, careers, and social interactions.

Educational Solutions that work for you
Our students are not passive observers in lectures, but active participants in discussions and problem solving.
Small class sizes offer quality interaction with instructors and classmates for optimum learning.
Learn with highly skilled and experienced instructors, ready to meet your needs.
Learn with a diverse student group representing countries from around the world!

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Eurocentres San Diego


studierte Allgemeines Englisch

Super great school

I've been here for almost a year. I had a really good experience and my English was improved because of friends and teachers.
I will recommend Eurocentre to everyone!!!!

gepostet vor 13 Tagen

Eurocentres San Diego


studierte Englisch Examensvorbereitung

My experience at San Diego Eurocentres

I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in San Diego Eurocentres because is the best school to come and learn English. Also, knowing a lot of people around the world and making friends from different continents.

The professors are outstanding because they are so hard dedicated to their students. Furthermore, they always made extra sure you understand the lessons and you would always be able to count for extra help. I will never forget all the fun activities the teachers included in my class to enhance my learning. I especially loved how they always related the lessons to a real-life IELST program that would allow me to improve in many areas such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and writing.

The staff at San Diego Eurocentres are always willing to help you with anything you need. Also, they are so cool and kind that you will almost feel like home. The school activities are so amazing and cool you can always choose something great to do.

I remember the day I came and my level skills were 6 and know I was able to reach an 8 because of all of you. Thank you for giving me confidence in every English skill.

Thank you for these greatest 7 months and for always going the extra mile as a teacher. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

gepostet vor 16 Tagen

Eurocentres San Diego


studierte Allgemeines Englisch

Great school!!!

Hello, I'm one of the Eurocentres San Diego language schools student. I would like say about this school couple things! First of all school has prefect study materials and great teachers! Teachers are knows way how to teach well. Furthermore, teachers individually can help you with all your flaws. Secondly, the stuff members are really cool! When I had some problems they always were willing to help me! School always has "School activities" for each month and student can meet new people outside the school! Thirdly, atmosphere at school very nice and comfortable. Every one is friendly and smile. At this school you feel like It's your second home! Overall, It's pleasure to me to recommend Eurocentres San Diego!

gepostet vor 26 Tagen

Eurocentres San Diego


studierte Englisch Examensvorbereitung

My experience in Eurocentres, San Diego

My experience in Eurocentres its has been amazing. Im preparing for toefls and Gmat test, and Eurocentres has been useful, the teacher are amazing as a professional and as a person. Also living in San Diego has been one of the best experience in my life, it is a great city with many things to do in your your free time.

My experiencia en Eurocentres San Diego ha sido increíble, yo me estoy preparando para los exámenes Toefls y Gmat. La escuela me ayudado un montón los profesores son muy buenos como profesionales y como personas. Aparte the lo académico vivir en San Diego ha sido la mejor experiencia de mi vida, es una ciudad fantástica con muchas actividades para hacer en tu tiempo libre.

gepostet vor 1 Monat

Eurocentres San Diego


studierte Allgemeines Englisch

My experience with Eurocenter San Diego

I had really a great time in the Eurocenter San Diego. It was always instructive. The teachers and the other staff were always friendly.

gepostet vor 1 Monat

This course is for students aged: 13-70
Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Mittelstufe
Cambridge CAE:

This intensive course focuses on the skills needed to be successful on the Cambridge Advanced Certificate exam. Students will be prepared for this exam through extensive language skills raining and exam practice. Those areas covered include academic reading skills, academic writing skills, listening skills, successful strategies for the CAE speaking component, academic vocabulary, and English in Use. The school will help candidates register for the exam at the local exam center.

Cambridge FCE:

This course focuses on key skills tested in the FCE exam. Students will be prepared for the exam through a combination of language skills training and exam practice. Key study areas include reading skills, writing skills, exam-oriented listening skills, successful strategies for the FCE speaking component, topic-based vocabulary, and focus on English in Use. The school will help candidates register for the exam at the local exam center.

TOEFL Preparation:

Students who demonstrate English proficiency at Level 5 or above can prepare to take the internet-based TOEFL, a requirement for entrance into most American colleges or universities. Students will learn and practice academic vocabulary, writing effective academic essays, communicating opinions and summarizing academic passages in clear, logical spoken English as well as developing their reading and listening skills in order to comprehend academic textbooks and lectures.

TOEFL students are given complete practice examinations which replicate the actual exam. This practice exam, along with quizzes and assignments, is an indicator of the student’s progress in the course. Generally a student should be able to prepare for the TOEFL exam and reach the target score within twelve months.

IELTS Preparation:

This course focuses on key skills tested in the IELTS exam. Students will be prepared for the exam through a combination of language skills training and exam practice. Key study areas include academic reading skills, academic writing skills, exam-oriented listening skills, successful strategies for the IELTS speaking component, topic-based academic vocabulary, remedial grammar linked to exam-based productive skills.

TOEIC Preparation:

Open to students at Level 4 or above, the TOEIC class prepares students to reach their target scores on the TOEIC exam, which can be taken monthly at Eurocentres San Diego. Designed to give students maximum exposure to language skills and drills that will help them become more confident and competent test-takers, this course focuses on the two general areas—listening and reading—that are evaluated on the exam.

The class is divided into four equal parts: an introduction to business and professional vocabulary; reading comprehension focused on such genres as business letters, memos, newspaper articles, advertisements, and notices; listening comprehension focused on the four specific areas of the TOEIC exam; intense grammar review that focuses on the types of English structures most frequently found on the TOEIC exam.
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This course is for students aged: 13-70
Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche), Intensivkurs 25+ Std/Woche
Core Program

Basic 20: 20 General English lessons per week

This is the core of the student’s program. The class instructor carefully plans a balanced, fully integrated, varied program based on the student’s learning needs. Six lessons per week are taught by a second teacher, who liaises closely with the main instructor in implementing the weekly plan. Each Friday during the review lesson students have the opportunity to look back over the week and make suggestions for the following week. This approach ensures a goal-oriented learning program for both short-term and long-term students.

Specialized Afternoon Programs

Intensive 25: afternoon classes meeting two times per week (M&W or Tu&Th).

Classes include General Language; Business; IELTS Preparation; TOEFL Preparation; TOEIC Preparation.

Super-Intensive 30: afternoon classes meeting four times per week (M-Th)

Classes include General Language; CAE Preparation*; FCE Preparation*; IELTS Preparation; TOEFL Preparation; TOEIC Preparation.
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This course is for students aged: 13-70
Workplace English

This course, which may be offered on campus or on site, is designed for students at all levels who desire to improve their English proficiency for the workplace. Although not a tutorial, the class will focus on the English vocabulary and skills that specific groups of workers need to advance in their profession. Work-related vocabulary, fundamental grammar, business and professional writing, and work-themed listening and reading exercises will be the focus of this course.

Workplace English is designed more for local students who have immigrant status, and thus it may not offer enough hours per week to satisfy the requirements for international students on an F-1 visa. International students expressing a desire to take this course may receive written permission from the school to enroll in Workplace English if it does not interfere with their current English program and if there is available space in an existing class.
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