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Insurgentes Sur 307 , Mexiko-Stadt (view map)
84% (5 reviews)

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84% 5 Bewertungen

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Fortgeschrittene, Grundstufe, Mittelstufe

Größe der Klassen: Groß, 11-20 Schüler, Mittel, 6-10 Schüler, Einzelunterricht, Klein, 2-5 Schüler



5 Bewertungen

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BC Schools Mexico City


studierte Allgemeines Spanisch

Best option in DF

i researched many options in DF and the surroundings. Frida Spanish School is the best option in DF for several reasons. They have been open since many years and my company constantly sends staff members for Spanish training. Location is perfect.

gepostet vor 6 Jahren

BC Schools Mexico City


studierte Allgemeines Spanisch

4 week course

I participated in the 4 week class called standard which us a group course. I started from beginner with teacher Alberto and advanced a lot. I liked the tacos also. Class is 10am to 2pm and we were 5 students in my class there were other classes as well.

At the end i received a certificate for the course.

The area near the school is nice and surprisingly green.

gepostet vor 6 Jahren

BC Schools Mexico City


studierte Allgemeines Spanisch

Good balance of learning and activities

Booked a course in March and found the experience to be positive overall in terms of the course and activities offered. They manage different levels of Spanish learning and split the class in grammar and conversation. I am a good speaker so i was placed in a different level in conversation.

I liked rhe location a lot since its in Condesa in front of public transport. I miss the cafeteria outside the building to the right and the park at the back of the school. Would book again.

gepostet vor 6 Jahren

BC Schools Mexico City


studierte Allgemeines Spanisch

Very positive experience

I had a very positie experience at Frida. The month I studies there, I found I was fortunate to meet students from Harvard University which was a good inciator that I was studying at the right place. I registered online and took the placement exam before arrival and placed at the beginner B course. My teachers name was Alberto who I found to be very professional and caring. Many of the students I met, 2 actually, were students who were there last year and they were coming back.

I stayed in an accommodation at a host family and the name of my host was Lilia. The lady was very nice and I enjoyed the food that was provided. I was able to try different dishes thanks to her like quesadillas, mole and tamales. To the students booking I recommend to ask for this accommodation.

I also liked the tours (which I hear started in January). I took the tour to the mariachis and lucha libre with 3 other students and it was quite fun. The wrestling is something hard to describe but its very fun in spite of being completely staged.

I enjoyed Mexico City overall and its culinary offer. The neighboroods of Condesa, Roma and Polanco offer excellent food tasting opportunities. I wih my teacher reads my comments.

gepostet vor 6 Jahren

BC Schools Mexico City


studierte Allgemeines Spanisch

very unprofessional

I was in Frida Spanish School in July of 2016. It can’t be called school, it’s just a business. You pay money but don’t get anything for it.
The school doesn’t have a sign. It’s an ordinary apartment with only one bathroom and without a cafeteria or a meeting place. In the lecture-rooms there aren’t any computers or CD-players for classes. The street noise is annoying.
The school offers 20 classes a week, but it actually includes breaks that can last up to 30 minutes every day, so you lose about 2 hours a week. The teachers can be late for class if they need to solve problems in the office.
The website of the school describes different options for leisure and cultural programs. It’s a lie! I was there for 3 weeks and they offered me only one trip to the Pyramids for a very high price.
If you want to book a transfer service, you’ll waste your money. I was given wrong information and waited for 2 hours for the driver. Then I found out that it was an ordinary taxi that costs much less than I had paid.
There are very few groups in the school. In one group there are students of very different Spanish levels.
My teacher was awful. She didn’t correct students’ errors in oral speech and couldn’t explain the words’ meanings in Spanish, only with English translation! She used to sit in class and didn’t give us any creative tasks. There weren’t any textbooks in class and the given materials were full of errors!
You’d better choose another school!

gepostet vor 7 Jahren



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