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EJO Ltd. (The Elizabeth Johnson Organisation)

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Eagle House, Lynchborough Road , Passfield, Hants (view map)

Über EJO Ltd. (The Elizabeth Johnson Organisation)

At EJO we maintain a tradition of excellence in the teaching of the English language, with over 50 years’ experience. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. We use the most recent textbooks and teaching aids and are sympathetic to the needs of each individual student. Our methods combine grammar, reading and vocabulary with conversation.

In our classes, English is spoken constantly and speaking is the best way to learn!

You stay in the home of your teacher as a member of the household! You learn English all day every day from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

You have regular sessions of one-to-one individual tuition which follow a plan designed especially for you to meet your particular needs. Then in your spare time you talk in English at every available opportunity.

People of all ages, backgrounds and levels of English benefit from these courses. What they all have in common is a determination to improve their skills in English.


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Allgemeines Englisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70


Students joining this course want to be able to hold conversations much more easily and with a great deal more confidence. They want to speak and to understand with much less concentration and effort. General English is for those of all ages and backgrounds, including those who have moved on to new phases in their lives after a number of years in a successful career. You can take this course, however much or however little English you may already know.

Englisch Examensvorbereitung

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This course is for students aged: 16-70


Students joining this course want to be able to either improve their existing IELTS score or prepare to take the test for the first time.

Profi Englisch

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This course is for students aged: 16-70


It is for those who need English for their work. Some participants join in order to give themselves a more attractive profile to offer to the job market in their particular field. Others take this to enhance their positions in the companies with which they are already associated. In other instances, employers and personnel officers send members of their staff teams on these courses as part of the implementation of in-company training plans.

Maßgeschneiderte Englisch Kurse

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This course is for students aged: 16-70


British traditions: English homes, palaces and castles, antiques, London
Lifestyle: Cookery, wine, shopping, fashion
Gardens: The English garden, trees and wild flowers, flower arranging
Sport: Golf, tennis, football, rugby.
We offer other special interest areas, too! Please ask us if your own special interest is not included.

Englisch-Kurse für Schüler

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This course is for students aged: 13-70

This course is for parents who want to be totally confident that their child will be well cared for and closely supervised, not only during lessons, but at all other times too. Booking a ten to sixteen-year old on any type of stay abroad is a most significant event, both for you and for your child. Teachers who host young learners are selected most carefully and are extremely well suited to looking after the children who stay with them. Very often, they have young families of their own. We know that, as well as offering quality teaching, they provide the care and supervision to which we all attach so much importance.



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