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With over 40 years’ experience in providing Spanish language tuition, Malaca Instituto is widely regarded as one of the leading schools of Spanish. Its key distinguishing features are: • Mini-campus environment – outstanding living and study facilities on one site: 25 classrooms, multi-media study centre, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, student lounge, dance studio, practice kitchen, 102 bedrooms, sun terraces and gardens! • Serious academic approach – R&D department produces own textbooks and tailor-made materials • Full range of courses – 16 different courses, including University Access • Highly experienced teachers: 15 of our senior teachers have worked more than 20 years in the school. • All accommodation options: Club Hispanico residence, host families and student apartments • Quality guarantees: EAQUALS, Instituto Cervantes, IALC. Malaca Instituto is an award winning school and is the only School of Spanish in the world to have entered the prestigious Study Travel Magazine, Star Award Hall of Fame, being voted there by the professionals of the study abroad industry.
In addition to the General and specialised courses shown on this site we also provide:
- Master Class - Club 50s+ : a very special programme for the 50s + combining situational Spanish with cultural and social activities.- Spanish + Cookery: perfect for "foodies" - everyone with an interest in Spanish and Spain's great cuisine and gastronomic tradition.- Spanish + Dance: combine a general Spanish course with lessons of Salsa or Flamenco. 

  • Climbing
  • Football/Soccer
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Skiing
  • Tennis
  • Diving
  • Water sports
  • Airport/Station transfer
  • Student counselling
  • Visa support
  • Host family accommodation
  • Own apartment
  • On campus
  • Student legally permitted to work / earn money during course
  • Further academic studies available on campus
  • Work experience / internship with local companies
  • Architecture
  • Dancing
  • Film
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Sauna / Wellness
  • Theatre
  • Art / Painting
  • Art history
  • Cooking
  • Cultural tourism (theater, museum, etc.)
  • Fashion
  • Geography
  • Hiking
  • Historical sightseeing
  • History
  • Oenology / Enotourism
  • Photography

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11 Reviews

What students are saying

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Malaca Instituto

Tina Meng China  

studied General Spanish

Me gusta la escuela

The school provides Well education of Spanish, the teachers are hard-working, responsible, kindhearted.

posted 2 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Yuan Tian China  

studied General Spanish


I had an amazing 9 months' learning experience in Malaca Instituto before having a master in Barcelona. At first I had the intensive Spanish course but later I also signed up for Hispanic Culture course after finishing level B2, and passed the DELE B2 exam with help of the DELE preparation course. All the teachers are very professional with at leas 10 years' teaching experience (and many of them have been teaching for more than 30 years) so I could learn everything about the language while having fun. I've got a lot of help either in studying or daily life from the teachers and staff, who are always willing to help. In terms of accommodation, I stayed with a host family for a few weeks as well as in an off-campus apartment, and I spent such a good time with the friendly and adorable family, and all my roommates, many of whom are still very good friends of mine today. It's the people you meet here that make your learning and living experience a special one. Anyway, you'll never regret it here. And I'll definitely go back when I get a chance:)

posted 2 years ago

Malaca Instituto

seven7seven52 United Kingdom  

studied General Spanish

Incredible School & Teachers

Really happy with the teaching style. Teachers change almost every class, so within 4 hours there could be 4 different teachers. This in effect keeps you awake and your attention maintained for the whole day. Each teacher brings their own style of teaching and ensures you pick up quickly.

I plan to return, not just to learn Spanish but also for the staff that work there.

I also partook in Salsa classes with Jose and I was surprised how much I loved it.

Malaga is a great city, good student vibe, lots of culture and friendly locals.

The accommodation is onsite so was easy to roll out of bed into the restaurant and then class. (lessons start at 8:30)

Beach is really close and buses are well connected.

Highly recommend the school!

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Sofia Pletneva Russian Federation  

Home sweet home

I spent a whole month in Malaca Instituto improving my Spanish and enjoying summer holidays. Apart from highly professional staff I´d like to mark out the homelike character of this school. I could never imagine that it´d be so hard to leave this place as we really became one big family. Students, teachers, administrators, guides, everyone was just awesome! I wishe there were more places like this in the world, place where one can WANT to study, enjoy the process and have lots of fun :)

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Yulia Disvetova Russian Federation  

studied Spanish Summer Courses

Favorite Malaga

I really enjoyed learning in Malaca Instituto,especially life in the family. This good-hearted people. Communicating with them, you begin to understand language. There was a lot more to offer:excursions,holidays.Teachers led their the classes interesting, very clearly explained.Malaga is a beautiful city. I love Spain and its friendly residents. Thank you,Malaca Instituto for bright impressions and interesting training.

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Yana Roy Russian Federation  

studied Spanish Exam Preparation

Amazing experience

I studied Spanish in Malaca Instituto 9 years ago from now, but I still have very good memories about the 5 months spent there. People are really nice, teachers are competent, the location is just perfect. Thanks to the Spanish course I did there I passed the Selectevidad, could enter a Spanish University and stay in Spain for 5 years during my studies. I really recommend this school! :)

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Ksenia Sidorova Russian Federation  

studied Spanish Exam Preparation

Perfect spanish

I´ve been studying in Malaca Instituto intensive course, Hispanis Studies and I was lucky to prepare my exams needed to enter University. I´m very pleased with the results I achieved thanks to the program. I was accepted at the University of Malaga. The teachers at school are very kind and professional. The atmosphere is fun and enjoyable. I eventually graduated and got a Masters degree thanks to the help I recieved from the all staff at Malaca Instituto. Now I´m doing my internships at the school and this gives me great experience. This said Malaca Instituto has given me the basics and support needed for my ideal future. Muchas gracias

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Yuliya Ershova Rwanda  

studied General Spanish

studying spanish

I'd like to say just a few words ... it was a such incredible experiance for me in studying spanish abroad. I've learned in this school more for several weeks than in my country for a year. I think it's because of high teachers' professionalism. They´re so amasing and really intrested in your progress in spanish. If you want to improve your language skills, just come to Malaca Instituto! You won't regret it.

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Marie Hazzard   

studied General Spanish

The learning experience of a lifetime

This has been my fifth year in Malaca Institute learning Spanish and I have to say the experience was just as enjoyable, productive and stimulating as always.
The teaching in Malaca is second to none because the teachers respect the students; they are interested in them and their development and above all they are always on the side of the students. You can feel your confidence in speaking the language improve day by day.
As regards the quality of teaching, the bar has been set very high by those teachers who are outstanding - so much so that you get used to excellence and in the face of that sometimes 'good' can seem a bit ordinary.
The atmosphere in Malaca is very friendly - from the welcome we received in the bar when we arrived that first night, until the goodbye from the teachers and class members when we left - and all our experiences between these two events.
Malaca institute is a truly exceptional school and I can't wait until I go back again next year.

posted 3 years ago

Malaca Instituto

Dominique Laureijs   

studied Spanish Exam Preparation

Paradise of learning Spanish

Unfortunately my course has finished at Malaca Instituto, after two amazing months I have to go back home. In my opinion Malaca Instituto is a paradise of learning Spanish. Before I went to Spain I never spoke any word Spanish, only; si - no and ´dos cervezas por favor´. But right now, after two months, I can talk with Spanish people, watching television, reading the newspapers, listen to the radio and playing Spanish games. My Spanish improved a lot, and this is made by a team of professional teachers. These teachers are willing to learn you everything and they give you 100% personal attention. They are making creative lessons with a lot of variety which make them very interesting. The teachers are all native speakers and telling you a lot about their culture.
Besides this I´m in love with the lovely weather, beaches and fancy places in the city.
I can reccomend everyone in the world to go to Malaca Instituto. Adios!

posted 3 years ago

This course is for students aged: 13-70

Starting every Monday (every 2 weeks for beginners) we provide General Intensive Spanish courses of 20, 24, 26 or 30 lessons per week.

These are offered at all levels and cover all the skills with special emphasis on oral fluency.

6 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70

A combination of our Intensive 20, group course (max 10 per class), with 2 lessons per day of Business Spanish in mini-group format.

With an average age of 35+ outside summer and high quality living and social facilities on-site, including Executive level bedrooms, Malaca Instituto is especially suitable for business clients. 

0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70

DELE: we prepare for the Government-recognised DELE exams in Spanish as a foreign Language. Exams take place in May, August and November. Preparation courses can be for 4 weeks or longer depending on a student's level and the exam he/she is aiming for.

Chamber of Commerce Exams: our Spanish for International Trade & Commerce course can prepare students for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exams in Business Spanish

Selectividad (PAU): we prepare students for the exams for overseas students which give access to Undergraduate degree programmes at Spain's prestigious public universities.

3 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70
Levels: Advanced
Class Sizes: Medium, 6-10 students
Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk
0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70

Spanish for International Trade & Commerce: aimed at students of business or junior executives, this course deals with the language and vocabulary of import/export, marketing, banking, the economy etc. It can prepare students for the Chamber of Commerce exams.

One-to-One and combination courses: any business or professional people can request a 1-1 course in their professional field or add 1-1 lessons to an Intensive group course. Our teachers are not experts in your profession but they are highly experienced teachers of Spanish who know how to use your professional knowledge to develop your ability to communicate in Spanish in your professional area.

Teachers courses: we provide refresher courses for practicing teachers at both primary and secondary level. European teachers frequently come to us with Comenius-grant funding.

0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70

Our Summer course for Young Adults attracts older teenagers from all over the world and creates a great environment for social networking as well as serious study and enjoyment.

You study 3 lessons per day and have social, sporting and cultural activities organised each day. This is a great way to meet people, get to know Spain and improve your Spanish grades!

1 Review
This course is for students aged: 13-70

We provide tailor-made programmes for:

- business and professional people

- school and university groups

- groups of retired people

- teachers

Please ask for a proposal.

0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 13-70

Teachers course: in July each year we provide a refresher course for non-native-speaker teachers of Spanish. This creates an excellent opprtunity for practicing teachers of Spanish to improve their advanced language skills and meet other teachers from different countries to debate, try out and develop aspects of teaching methodology.

Combination courses: we provide courses combining general Intensive Spanish with 1-1 classes of methodology. These are especially good for teachers with basic Spanish skills who are teaching (or preparing to teach) Spanish at primary level.

Most of the European teachers who come for courses with us receive funding, usually from the Comenius fund.

0 Reviews

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