International House Vancouver (Vancouver / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

Since 1990, IH Vancouver has been offering the highest quality language programs to students from around the world. With a wide variety of programs and courses and an active social program, IH...

de Moncton is one of the few francophone universities in Canada that offer international students the

St Giles, Vancouver (Vancouver / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

/ London Central / London Highgate; USA: San Francisco / New York ; Canada: Vancouver; Brazil: Campinas Our

IH Whistler (Whistler / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

IH Whistler provides a window on Canadian culture and lifestyle, with easy access to nature and world-class outdoor activities at our doorstep.Located in North America's number 1 resort community, IH...

St. Thomas University (Fredericton / Nova Brunswick / Canadá)
ISS Training Institute (Vancouver / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)
Culture & Language Connections (Montreal / Québec / Canadá)

Our school offers various courses meeting different needs of our students. Our aim is to provide pleasant study environment, happy students and their success in language goals. We also want to make...