Academia Contacto (Madrid / Madrid / Espanha)

Are you looking for a Spanish language course in the heart of Spain? We have what you are looking

Tamwood Language Centres - Whistler (Whistler / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

English expands your world! Wherever life's journey takes you, English abilities make it better. Tamwood offers a wide range of programs which you can choose from for your study period (weeks or...

The Bertrand Russell Italian Language School in Padua was established in 1975. We offer the best

Genki Japanese and Culture School (Fukuoka / Fukuoka / Japão)

Genki Japanese and Culture School is an internationally acclaimed communicational Japanese language

Hancock International College - HIC (Irvine / Califórnia / Estados Unidos)

prices for students wishing to enter the fast growing instruction of English as a Second Language. While

Derzhavin Institute (São Petersburgo / Northwestern Federal District / Rússia)

Based in St. Petersburg and founded in 2003, the Derzhavin Institute is one of the best language

California State University Sonoma - American Language Institute (Rohnert Park / Califórnia / Estados Unidos)

American Language Institute offers a strong, academic English language program with professional and

MC Academy (Manchester / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

language level. We are located in the heart of Manchester, just in front of the outstanding Piccadilly

La Regenta - Scuola di Lingue On-line (Bolonha / Emilia-Romagna / Itália)

La Regenta is an on-line language school. We offer language courses and we are specialized in

Cape Studies - language school (Cidade do Cabo / Cabo Ocidental / África do Sul)

Cape Studies is one of the most established English language schools in Cape Town. We first opened