St. George International College - Toronto (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

SGIC has had a history of supplying quality English education to international students in Toronto

ACE Acumen - ESL Program (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

The ESL Program at Ace Acumen Academy is accredited by Languages Canada, a domestically and internationally recognized Canadian language association. As a member of Languages Canada we offer a high...

Canada College of Education Toronto Center (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

Since 1976, our school has been training international students from around the globe, as well as local students. Our goals are to prepare students and give them the tools they need to succeed in...

Capital English Solutions (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

Capital English Solutions (CES), founded in late 2012, provides full language and cultural immersion for students by exposing them to an English-only environment, enabling them to learn in a shorter...

English Lab Toronto (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

English Lab Toronto is to nurture bilingual professionals. The philosophy of ELT is to guarantee

Kaplan International English - Toronto (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

Kaplan's school in Toronto is just a few minutes from the CN Tower and close to Jack Layton Ferry

Western Town College (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

Western Town College is a private institution established with the goal of becoming an educational leader in British Columbia by making education more affordable, accessible, and convenient. Our...

Since 1999, Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies (RCIIS) has been helping students from around the world learn English in a welcoming and a supportive environment. RCIIS offers various...

English School of Canada (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

The English School of Canada, located in the heart of Toronto, was established by teachers

Aston Toronto - Connect School of Languages (Toronto / Ontário / Canadá)

school has an ideal location for learning English – the center of a beautiful downtown Toronto, a city