The Heart of England Study Programmes (Warwickshire / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Since 1993 children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old can study at The Heart of England. The family-run business provides high quality language courses, focused on speaking and listening. A wide...

Frances King School of English (Londres / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Frances King, established in 1973, has over 40 years’ experience of teaching English and is well

Tamwood Language Centres - Whistler (Whistler / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

English expands your world! Wherever life's journey takes you, English abilities make it better

ACE English Malta (St. Julian's / Malta)

English Malta. “Our greatest asset is by far our reputation and integrity". ACE English Malta school

Hancock International College - HIC (Irvine / Califórnia / Estados Unidos)

prices for students wishing to enter the fast growing instruction of English as a Second Language. While

Derzhavin Institute (São Petersburgo / Northwestern Federal District / Rússia)

Based in St. Petersburg and founded in 2003, the Derzhavin Institute is one of the best language schools in Russia. 17 classrooms in two branches can be found here, as well as a library and a...

California State University Sonoma - American Language Institute (Rohnert Park / Califórnia / Estados Unidos)

American Language Institute offers a strong, academic English language program with professional and

Shane English Schools UK (Hastings / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Shane English School UK offers high quality tuition and range of courses. General English

CanQuest ESL Academy (North Vancouver / Colúmbia Britânica / Canadá)

Columbia, Canada, is an English language teaching and testing centre that combines innovative and eclectic

Dublin Cultural Institute (Dublin / Leinster / Irlanda)

The Dublin Cultural Institute has been providing top-quality English language training since 2004