Bethnal Student Academy (Londres / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Em um so lugar escola e residencia estudantil. Somos uma escola de inglês no coração de East

The London School of English (Londres / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

The London School of English is the world's highest rated language school on Trustpilot, an

St Giles, New York City (Nova Iorque / Nova York / Estados Unidos)

international English language training organisations in the world. Winner of the Language Travel Magazine award

American English Language School - Los Angeles (Brea / Califórnia / Estados Unidos)

A American English Language School (AELS) é uma escola de idiomas em Brea, na fronteira de Los

Liverpool School of English (Liverpool / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Since 1999, we have provided expert English language training in a stimulating and supportive

Frances King School of English (Londres / Inglaterra / Inglaterra)

Frances King, established in 1973, has over 40 years’ experience of teaching English and is well

ESI UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia (Múrcia / Múrcia / Espanha)

their knowledge of one of the following exciting languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Department of Education for the teaching of English as a foreign language.   We offer a wide range of courses

Collège de Jonquière - Centre Linguistique (Jonquiere / Québec / Canadá)

We are A LANGUAGE SCHOOL specialized in French immersion programs and located in a 98% francophone region. We have created our own teaching methods in addition to our exclusive online French...

the Intensive English Language Center (IELC) at the University of Nevada, Reno has been providing