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Sobre American Cultural Exchange

Associates in Cultural Exchange (A.C.E.), founded as American Cultural Exchange, is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington and established in 1973. Since its founding, Associates in Cultural Exchange has been working to make the world your community by helping people and organizations around the world create new connections and build interpersonal networks with those of other language and cultural backgrounds.

Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University. A.C.E. at Seattle Pacific University is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Seattle Pacific University is a small, private university located in a safe residential neighborhood, just a few minutes north of downtown Seattle. A.C.E. students spend 20 hours a week in intensive English language class and 5 or more hours in optional elective classes. Students may choose to live with a host family or in campus dorms when available. This institute includes Super Intensive and Flex programs, which include tutoring.

The Mission at A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University is to provide students with the language skills, cultural knowledge and experience they need to use English to effectively communicate in academia and the workplace and to provide opportunities for personal growth.

Seattle is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with views of mountains and water in every direction. The city is at sea level and therefore enjoys a mild climate. Seattle is famous for its high-tech industries, music scene, coffee shops, and shopping districts. Seattle was ranked the most educated city in the United States in 2006, and is also home to famous companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and Starbucks. Seattle also has a good bus system, so it's easy to get around.

Serviços adicionais

  • Translado estação/aeroporto
  • Orientação sobre vistos


  • Hospedagem em famílias
  • Apartamento próprio
  • Hotel/pensão
  • Student Residence


  • Turismo cultural (teatro, museu etc.)
  • Turismo histórico
  • Voluntariado
  • Eventos culturais locais (festivais etc.)


Geral Inglês

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Níveis: Avançado, Básico, Intermediário

Tamanho da classe: Grande, 11-20 alunos, Médio, 6-10 alunos, Aula particular, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

Horas Semanais: Geral 15-25 horas/semana

On-Campus Intensive English Programs include:
- 6-level curriculum in preparation for university/college admission
- Study grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening
- Weekly social activities and trips
- Internet and computer access
- Access to library, health center, gym, and other campus facilities
- 18-21 hours of intensive English classes per week + optional elective classes

Additional Options
In addition to the essential core curriculum, you can choose optional features to expand your English skills or to explore a topic of personal interest. Availability may vary by location and time period, and may include the following features:
- TOEFL & IELTS Test Preparation Elective Class
- English for Graduate Studies Supplemental Courses
- Conversation & Pronunciation Elective Class
- Cultural Seminars
- Language and Culture Partners Program
- Student Council Representative Program
- One-on-One Personal Tutoring

Inglês Preparação para exames

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

A.C.E. Language Institutes offers several elective courses to help students prepare for English proficiency exams, such as the TOEFL® and IELTS® tests. The elective is intended to supplement the A.C.E. Intensive English core curriculum, but non-A.C.E. students can also enroll in just the test prep elective. In each of these test preparation courses, you can:
- Discover effective test-taking techniques and strategies
- Review English vocabulary and the types of questions commonly found on the tests
- Identify areas of personal weakness and strategies to overcome these pitfalls
- Practice the test format in a simulated, timed test environment
- Receive guidance to help you register for the test.

Inglês Preparação acadêmica

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

The English for Graduate Studies supplemental courses at A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU have successfully prepared students for admission and success in selected graduate programs at Montana State University and other top universities. In addition to preparing their linguistic skills, students are introduced to the library research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills required at the graduate level. These supplemental courses are also adaptable to fit individual students' and departments' needs.

Students take a placement test to determine their level according to the 6 program levels, and students may test into any level of the program. During Levels 1 - 3, they take the regular intensive English courses only. At Level 4, the graduate students begin a graduate studies course throughout which they complete the graduate level focused assignments, tasks, and activities in supplemental elective classes.

Profissional Inglês

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Learn critical medical vocabulary in English and explore special topics, such as nutrition or nursing. Local excursions may include medical facilities, cafeterias, cooking classes, or organic food markets.

Cursos sob medida Inglês

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Níveis: Avançado, Básico, Intermediário

Tamanho da classe: Grande, 11-20 alunos, Médio, 6-10 alunos, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

- Practice English in a real-life setting with native English speakers.
- Improve your confidence in speaking and comprehending English for everyday situations.
- Use new skills from your conversation classes during excursions.
- Hear standard American English without difficult regional accents. Professional instructors and guest lecturers are experts in their fields.

Our customized English Study Tours can be organized for groups of 5 or more (age 16+). They offer a great opportunity to visit the U.S., practice English and learn about American culture.

Program options may include:
- Daily English lessons with qualified, professional ESL instructors
- Field trips to local cultural attractions, schools, universities or businesses.
- Volunteer work with a local organization
- Accommodation with an A.C.E. host family or in a university or dormitory, including three meals a day
- Transportation to and from the Seattle Airport
- American conversation partners
- Pre-departure materials
- Assistance obtaining visas to study in the U.S.
- Certificates, ceremonies, parties and t-shirts

Inglês Treinamento para Professores

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Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 16-70

Gain hands-on opportunities to observe local classroom teaching techniques and pedagogy through the teacher training program. University credit option available.



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