Lethbridge College - English Language Centre (Lethbridge / Alberta / Kanada)

the sunniest cities in Canada. It is a safe, friendly community of 100,000 residents and offers all

Columbia College - English Language Centre (ELC) (Vancouver / British Columbia / Kanada)

Fraser University, University of Victoria, and other major universities in Canada.

IH Whistler (Whistler / British Columbia / Kanada)

IH Whistler provides a window on Canadian culture and lifestyle, with easy access to nature and world-class outdoor activities at our doorstep.Located in North America's number 1 resort community, IH...

St. Thomas University (Fredericton / New Brunswick / Kanada)
Blyth Academy (Toronto / Ontario / Kanada)
ISS Training Institute (Vancouver / British Columbia / Kanada)
Chilcotin Holidays (Gold Bridge / British Columbia / Kanada)