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New Zealand Institute of Education

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Levels 1- 3, 62 Anzac Street, , North Shore City (view map)
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Over the last 22 years the New Zealand Institute of Education has developed a reputation as a premium provider of English Language courses. The Institute also has a proud record of student results and employment outcomes from its IT, Health Management, and Business Diploma courses. Recently, NZIE started offering the first NZQA approved Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Located on Auckland's North Shore, at the seaside suburb of Takapuna Beach, NZIE is uniquely placed to offer students a mix of high quality learning and fun activities. Just 5 minutes from the beach and only 15 minutes from Auckland's CBD. The school also has a campus in Botany Downs in East Auckland.

NZIE has over 12 different nationalities (including local NZ-born students) and this creates a fantastic learning environment for International students. We have counsellors and support from many different countries and we also have our own homestay and activities co-ordinator. The school offers support for all students in this area and even has its own recruitment programme to assist students acquire internships or part time jobs while studying.


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74% Recenzje: 4

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Duża, 11-20 uczniów, Średnia, 6-10 uczniów, Jeden na jeden, Mała, 2-5 uczniów



Recenzje: 4

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New Zealand Institute of Education


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Course Name: PG Diploma in Applied business

I am giving a feedback of the Level 8 - Applied Business Course.
Totally unprofessional method of education. You have one tutor teaching you and the test is send for moderation by a different tutor (whose methods are different to the class tutor).
The pass mark is 50% and in one instance the entire class failed in a Management Course except for one student. So they decided to reduce the pass mark from 50% to 25%. Most of the students got 25 and 24. Student who got 25 have to resit the test and those who got 24 has to re-enroll the subject.
- How can an entire class fail a management test? So either the method of teaching is not right or process of admitting the students is not right.
- The test results of the 1st assessment comes after you summit the 2nd assessment (in which case you cannot correct the mistakes you made on the 1st one).
- When learning a subject, you listen to the course tutor and follow his instructions. But the assessment is done by another moderator whose rules are different.
- There is no proper method of teaching or evaluating a subject.

This is purely a money making racket and I hope NZQA will not turning a blind eye to this unethical practice.
Please think twice before enrolling in NZIE.

opublikował(a) 8 miesięcy temu

New Zealand Institute of Education


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learning in family !

Hi everyone, I'm Isabelle (53 years old), mother of 2 sons, 19 and 16 years old. We lived in New Caledonia and decided to immigrate in New Zealand. As we wanted to settle down, we planned to follow, the whole family, courses at NZIE, school that we knew before, because our eldest son, studied in, for 7 weeks the previous year. What I can tell you is that I never had such a pleasure to learn English...the way used by the teacher is very innovative, as ludic as serious and never boring !!! People in this school are so kind and are always trying to make you feeling well, in these conditions, you learn English with confidence. We are now, for 6 months in New Zealand, my sons are very well integrated in their High School and University, my husband is working and I, I will going to continue to improve my English, in the aim to work as midwife, which requieres a very high level of English !....so my Christmas gift is 1 month at NZIE and I'm looking forward to begin !!! At last, you should have well understood that I really recommend you NZIE

opublikował(a) 6 lat temu

New Zealand Institute of Education


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Memories in NZIE

Hi guys ! My name is Melissa i'm from Tahiti originate from France. I was in NZIE for 3 months and i had such a good time there. Since the first day at school i feel comfortable and happy because people there are very nice and friendly. I got a lot of amazing friends and had wonderful memories. Teachers know the good way to make you love study English with fun, serious and progress in English.
I'm pretty sure if you opt for this school you will have a great time and you will love it like me.

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New Zealand Institute of Education


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6 month at NZIE

I was an Intern at NZIE for 6 months because I wanted to improve my english and have a work experience abroad. And this period with them was just AMAZING. I had the best time of my life. The staff is not only professionnal but also helpful and always there when you need them. They were really nice to me at the beginning because I was not used to the kiwi accent. But after few weeks everything was okay. We had fun everyday at work. Working hard with in a funny atmosphere with lovely people that is the dream of everyone. at least it was mine and it came true.
The students I've met there are from all around the world and it gives me opportunities to learn new culture and now I have friends in lots of countries.
They were all so respectful to others and every friday was a sad day (graduation day for some of them - we had to say goodbye :s ).
In a word, NZIE was GREAT and I highly recommand to any students to go there (to study or if it's possible work) -
Poe from Tahiti, French Polynesia

opublikował(a) 6 lat temu



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