institutions to teach Russian as a foreign language. We run centres in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Riga

Cactus Language (Brighton / England / England)

Learn SPANISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN, PORTUGUESE and MANY OTHER LANGUAGES with CACTUS! For our latest discounts please click here Cactus is a leading provider of language training. Each year we...

CLC Russian language courses (Sinferopoli / Autonomous Republic of Crimea / Ucraina)

Over the years the number of students wishing to attend Russian courses in a safe and beautiful

IH Kharkiv (Kharkiv / Kharkiv Oblast / Ucraina)

As a Russian-speaking city Kharkiv provides exellent opportunities for foreign students to study

NovaMova Russian language school in Odessa (Odessa / Odessa Oblast / Ucraina)

NovaMova Russian Language School in Odessa offers a great experience of learning Russian language