Comitato Linguistico (Perugia / Umbria / Italia)

old city center of Perugia and offers courses exclusively for Italian as a foreign language all year

Solemar Academy (Cefalù / Sicilia / Italia)

Perugia - Università di Siena - Università di Palermo - CVLC come Centro d'esami CELI ed esami di

Perugia (CELI certification). Courses are recognized by German Bildungsurlaub and CSN in Sweden. A door to

Accademia Italiana - Salerno (Salerno / Giugliano / Italia)

accredited in italy: Italian Ministry of Education, University for Foreigners of Siena and of Perugia for the

International House Palermo (Palermo / Sicilia / Italia)

Stranieri di Perugia Italian examinations. Since 1990 it has been a member of AISLi (Association of Language

Reggio Lingua (Reggio Emilia / Emilia-Romagna / Italia)

Foreigners, Perugia and a member of ASILS and EDUITALIA.