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À propos Academia Tica Spanish School

Academia Tica Spanish School has more than 30 years of experience and is one of the few Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centers and DELE Exam Centers in Central America.

The school uses a carefully structured and refined method to make students learn fast and in a fun way: “Fun classes, serious learning”!

Both our locations, Coronado (near the capital) and Jacó Beach have safe facilities with big tropical gardens and comfortable classrooms. Our campuses are placed in easy-access locations near tourist attractions and authentic Costa Rican venues, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.

While studying, there is still so much to enjoy after class or during the weekends. In the Tourism Services Desk, students can ask for trip information and book directly at the school at the same prices they’ll find online or with tour operators.

The school employs only the most experienced and prepared teachers, friendly and motivated. We use weekly surveys from our students and monthly evaluations from external observers to ensure classes are being taught by the best.


  • En appartement propre
  • Logement en familles d'accueil
  • Appartement partagé
  • Logement en familles d'accueil où il n'y a pas d'étudiants de même langue maternelle
  • Sur le campus
  • Résidence étudiante
  • En hôtel/auberge de jeunesse


  • Présentation d'adaptation à la nouvelle culture
  • Tourisme culturel (théâtre, musées, etc.)
  • Activités culturelles locales (festivals, etc.)
  • Cuisine
  • Bénévolat
  • Evènements sur le campus
  • Randonnée
  • Sauna/ Bien-être
  • Cinéma
  • Danse

Services supplémentaires

  • Infrastructures pour étudiants en situation de handicap
  • Orientation pour étudiants
  • Facilitation des démarches pour l'obtention d'un visa
  • Transfert aéroport/gare
  • Sports aquatiques

Travail et études supplémentaires

  • Expérience professionnelle/ stage dans des entreprises locales


  • Surf
  • Ping-pong
  • Football
  • Alpinisme
  • Escalade


Cours de Espagnol général

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants, Particulier

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

The regular and most popular course in the Intensive. It features 20 group lessons per week. The lessons are general Spanish so you work on your language skills, reinforce topics that they may feel weak and practice a lot on conversation, grammar, etc.

We offer to combine the group classes with 5 or 10 private lessons: this is what we call Intensive Plus and Super Intensive Plus. You can also take individual Spanish lessons from 2 to 30 per week.

Préparation aux examens de Espagnol

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Intensif (>25 h/semaine)

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

Type de lieu: Montagnes, Ville moyenne/grande

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Petit, 2-5 étudiants, Particulier

The Dele Exam Preparation is a course for students who want to take the DELE exam at any of the six levels (beginner to advanced).

The course features 20 group lessons and 10 with a mini-group. The first 20 lessons are general Spanish (language skills, conversation, grammar, etc.). The other 10 lessons are strictly for practice on DELE: working on sample exams along the teacher, discussing topics that may be in the different parts of the exam, making timed practices, etc.

Cours de Espagnol d'été

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants, Particulier

Niveaux: Intermédiaire, Avancé, Elémentaire

The Surf & Spanish Program features 20 group Spanish lessons and 3 surf lessons per week. This is a very attractive option for those who like to experience this sport while studying. Surfing lessons are around 2 hours of duration, include all the necessary equipment and are timed according to the best tides. You can also book individual surf lessons to take more or less.

Programmes de Espagnol juniors

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 13-70

Type de lieu: Montagnes, Bord de mer, Ville moyenne/grande

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Relax (10-15 h/semaine)

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

The Interactive program combines a light Spanish course with activities and excursions to maximize contact with culture and Spanish immersion. It provides a fun way to learn the language and the culture. The program is ideal for kids, families, 50+ students and groups.

The program features 10 group Spanish lessons, 5 cultural & educational activities and 2 excursions per week.



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