OHC Toronto (Toronto / Ontario / Canadá)

program, and a TESL diploma program. The school offers three destination, Toronto and Calgary in Canada

Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier (Quebec / Quebec / Canadá)

For over 40 years, Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier has been a top choice for teenagers coming to Quebec City to learn French. Founded in 1635 by the Jesuits, our school is famous for its tradition,...

iTTTi Vancouver (Vancouver / Columbia Británica / Canadá)

in the downtown heart of beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Our facility is clean, modern and professional. We

Quest Language Studies (Toronto / Ontario / Canadá)

we were awarded the distinguished Lyn Howes award, by the Canada Language Council, for commitment and

Lethbridge College - English Language Centre (Lethbridge / Alberta / Canadá)

the sunniest cities in Canada. It is a safe, friendly community of 100,000 residents and offers all

St Giles, Vancouver (Vancouver / Columbia Británica / Canadá)

: Brighton / Eastbourne / London Central / London Highgate; USA: San Francisco / New York ; Canada: Vancouver

Columbia College - English Language Centre (ELC) (Vancouver / Columbia Británica / Canadá)

Fraser University, University of Victoria, and other major universities in Canada.

Moncton is one of the few francophone universities in Canada that offer international students the

Inlingua - Victoria B.C. (Victoria / Columbia Británica / Canadá)

Victoria, BC, Canada surrounded by shops, cafes, restaurants and waterfront views. inlingua Victoria is a