Aston Academy - previously MovingOn Courses (Belfast / Irlanda del Norte / Irlanda del Norte)

, near Belfast, Northern Ireland. We, the owners, Gavin and Sonia, are professional teachers but

North West Academy of English (Derry / Irlanda del Norte / Irlanda del Norte)

and friendly. Situated close to the border between the Republic of Ireland and N.Ireland, Derry is the

University of Ulster (Belfast / Irlanda del Norte / Irlanda del Norte)

education and is first in Northern Ireland. We are a top UK university for providing courses with a period

SERC - South Eastern Regional College (Lisburn / Irlanda del Norte / Irlanda del Norte)

Our aim is to provide a motivating, stimulating, active learning environment. By blending a face-to-face approach with web-based interactive learning, we use a range of techniques and resources to...

Foyle International (Londonderry / Irlanda del Norte / Irlanda del Norte)

School is based in the city of Derry which is in the North West of Northern Ireland, UK. Derry City has

CEC - Cork English College (Cork / Kerry / Irlanda)

Established in 1978 , Cork English College is a family-run school specializing in Quality English language courses, personal attention and small class numbers. Our main adult centres are located in...

mackdonald language academy (Kilkenny / Leinster / Irlanda)

impression of the cultural and natural beauty of Ireland. All Junior courses are 'all inclusive': English

leader in EFL in Ireland. Our centre is located in an elegant & stylish building in the heart of Cork

Dublin Cultural Institute (Dublín / Leinster / Irlanda)
Frances King School of English - Dublin (Dublín / Leinster / Irlanda)

- Established in 1973, Frances King has over 40 years' experience of teaching English. and is one of London’s most popular schools. - We opened a school in Merrion Square in Dublin in 2014 and the...