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American Hebrew Academy

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4334 Hobbs Road , Greensboro (view map)

About American Hebrew Academy

The American Hebrew Academy is the only International Jewish College Prep Boarding School in the world. The Academy provides a rigorous academic program combined with a curriculum that embraces the values, customs, history, culture and practices of the Jewish people together with an emphasis on the arts, athletics and community service. The Academy is a co-educational school that welcomes students of all Jewish backgrounds. Forty-five percent of the student body are international students who have come from 35 countries outside of the U.S. The Academy is situated on a stunning 100 acre lakefront campus with state of the art facilities constructed of Jerusalem stone and a unique classroom environment that fosters the Socratic teaching methodology. Graduates are regularly admitted to prestigious colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. The Academy offers specialized programs in English language for international students and complete preparation and support for admission to U.S. universities. Students age 14-19 may study at the Academy for a minimum of one year up to four years. A post high school "gap" year program is also available for students who have completed high school and wish to further their academic preparation prior to entering university.



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