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About The Language Company - Berkeley

TLC-Berkeley is located just 13 miles from San Francisco in the Bay Area of California. Within an hour in any direction, there are famous hiking trails, forests, wineries, luxury brand outlet malls, world-class surfing, and the best universities on the West Coast. Our school is on historic Telegraph Avenue and just 3 blocks from The University of California, Berkeley.

TLC-Berkeley offers a variety of English programs and flexible schedules in order to accommodate a student’s diverse needs for studying English.
Programs include:

Intensive English Program
Intensive English Part Time Program
English for Professionals
Study Vacation Program
Private Lessons

Classes are small, which provides students with a high amount of personal attention. Standard classes include Speaking and Listening, Writing, Grammar, and Reading. In addition, we also offer a variety of elective classes such as:

Slang and idioms
American Culture through films
American Literature
Research Paper
TOEFL Preparation
Conversation and Pronunciation
Advanced Academic Writing
Current Events


  • Host family accommodation
  • Own apartment


  • Cultural tourism (theater, museum, etc.)
  • Hiking
  • Professional Sports events
  • Local cultural events (festivals, etc.)


  • Surfing


General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

General English
General English is for students who want to come to the United States to learn English but not necessarily attend a university after completion. TLC’s General English integrates the development of listening and speaking skills, structural accuracy, and everyday communication. If your goal is to be able to successfully communicate English in everyday situations, TLC’s General English course is for you!

Class Size: English Works classes are small. The smaller class size allows all participants greater attention from the instructor and allows all students plenty of time to talk. TLC is ready to help individuals sharpen conversational English with these small evening classes.

Schedule: English Works classes take place two evenings a week which allows students the opportunity to achieve personal English language goals while maintaining a busy personal lifestyle.
Program Theme: English Works is designed for students who want to learn English to succeed in both career aspirations and social life.

Advanced Proficiency Level
Many students who complete TLC Level 9–the highest level in TLC’s Intensive Program–choose to remain at TLC for further study of specific aspects of English. Many of these students are preparing for post-graduate study at an American university and would like to study more extensive English to prepare for their advanced or graduate study at the university. For these students, these TLC centers have designed their
Advanced Proficiency Level courses to meet these needs and special requests.

Study Vacation Program

The Language Company's Study Vacation Program combines educational opportunities with the chance to experience a vacation in the United States. This program is designed for students who are 12 through 18 years of age who want to enjoy a learning vacation in an interesting and exciting environment with other students from around the world. The English language study is focused both on English for communication and English structure skills. These two areas of English study, combined with vacation activities, provide an excellent opportunity for teens.

Program Features Include:
Full-time or part-time English Language program designed at your ability level
After-class activities during the week
Special activities every weekend
Homestay with an American host family
Study Vacation Activities:
In addition to studying English, TLC will provide many fun-filled activities and exciting events to complete the vacation experience! After classes during the week and on every weekend, students will participate in a variety of special activities that will keep everyone busy and learning. Students will not be bored! TLC centers across the country will introduce students to regional activities, like visiting theme parks in Orlando or going to the beach in California! There will also be opportunities for visiting museums, sightseeing, shopping in beautiful malls, swimming and enjoying water sports in nearby lakes, participating in sports and attending local team sports events. There may also be picnics, school dances, and parties to enjoy with classmates. The activities will vary depending on the location chosen and the time of year.

Study Vacation Classes:
TLC offers a Study Vacation Program with the perfect balance of study and fun. Our teachers are skilled at providing instruction that is entertaining as well as educational, and students will study with students from all over the world who are at the same level of English.

The Study Vacation classes will provide teens the opportunity to practice English in a variety of skill areas including conversation, vocabulary development, idioms and slang, pronunciation, reading and writing, as well as using computers to help expand their skills and exposure to English.

At the end of your English program you will receive:
A Certificate of Attendance that shows the dates of study
A special T-shirt as a souvenir of your TLC experience
A group photo of the class
A lifetime of friends and memories!
Program Options:
TLC offers both full-time and part-time Study Vacation Program options. The full-time program option offers five to six hours of instruction per day, five days a week. The part-time program option offers three hours of instruction per day, five days a week. Both options are four-week sessions.

English Exam Preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Academic Test Preparation
The Academic Test Preparation course is designed to help students navigate the variety of testing requirements for admission to American universities, such as TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, iTEP and IELTS tests. Courses cover the following topics: advanced grammar and reading review, test question analysis, test-taking strategies, practice tests, and analysis of test results.

English Academic preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk

Intensive English
TLC’s academic Intensive English Program is carefully designed to help you achieve your language learning goals. The full-time Intensive English program meets Monday through Friday. The equivalent of twenty-five, 50 minute lessons is offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing, and core-plus courses. The optional sixth lesson a day may be used for homework, lab, or test study. A TLC instructor is present for this sixth hour study hall.

The academic program is carefully designed to help you achieve your language learning goals.

Placement test to accurately determine your starting level
Thirteen four-week sessions per year
The equivalent of one-hundred 50-minute lessons per session
Unique, optional sixth hour daily at no extra cost
Nine levels of instruction plus post-graduate courses
Classes meet Monday through Friday. The equivalent of twenty-five 50-minute lessons are offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing, and core plus courses. Core plus courses give advanced students (Levels 7-9) the opportunity to study English language skills through application courses such as American Culture, Debate, Morphology, American and Local History, TOEFL and IELTS Preparation, and Film and Novel Reviews.

Intensive English Part Time
Learn English for three hours per day, Monday through Friday, while enjoying the fun and excitement of visiting U.S. cities. TLC will help anyone who enrolls in the Intensive English Part Time Program to get the most out of a trip to the United States! High-quality English instruction will be provided for three hours per day. Listening, speaking, vocabulary, reading, and writing are all part of the learning experience. As a TLC student, one can participate in all TLC-sponsored activities including trips and parties. A student’s English will improve by taking advantage of the Intensive English Part Time Program. It is more than just learning from books; it is learning from culture and experience as well.

Business English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Business English
TLC’s Business English is designed for students who wish to improve their general English skills as well as their ability to use the English language in the Business and Marketing fields. This program will explore business cultural practices and help to improve the student’s communication skills in specific areas of business. The program will include courses in listening, speaking and grammar as well as four, field-specific courses addressing various topics related to the language of business. These will include such topics as Business and Marketing, Leadership and Teamwork, Finance and Accounting, and Correspondence, Reports, and Presentations.

Professional English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

English for Professionals
These private, customized programs are designed for people who need specific English skills for business, but have limited time to study. Participants can return to their jobs quickly, having mastered the necessary English language skills. Programs can be designed to address the English language needs in particular fields such as Petroleum English, English for the Telecommunications Industry, or English for technology business.



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