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About Kenilworth Language Institute

At Kenilworth Language Institute we provide high-quality English Language courses in a friendly and welcoming environment. We aim to offer students a chance to improve their language skills, explore different cultures and share their own. Our wish is to get the best out of each individual student and help them in their personal and professional development.


General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

The General English Programme is run at all levels from Beginner to Advanced level (A1 – C2). The course is designed to improve a student’s ability to use language accurately and fluently. It is based on the most up-to-date methodology, course books and authentic materials to give students a living language experience.

The communicative method of teaching is practised, with students encouraged to actively use their English in class. There are two classes each day that focus on grammar, vocabulary and the development of the four skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Students get a chance to gain confidence and enthusiasm in using their language skills by participating in free-practice activities, games, projects, task-based learning lessons, cultural discussions, book clubs, movie clubs and lab activities.

Students can choose from our three General English options: Morning Programme 20, Afternoon Programme 15, and Afternoon Programme 20.

English Exam Preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Kenilworth offers Exam Preparation courses for FCE, CAE and IELTS over the course of the academic year. These exams are recognized by universities, employers and educational authorities in many countries as evidence of a high standard of spoken and written English. More and more students and institutions are using external, world recognised examinations as a way of focusing their English language studies and obtaining useful qualifications.
Our courses are designed to help students master the specific techniques and skills required for success in these examinations. Students will receive individualised advice concerning which areas of their English they need to concentrate on to be successful in the exam, and teachers will also provide guidance on additional self-study.
The chosen exam course can be combined with General English study, or can be studied as a stand-alone course.
Kenilworth Language Institute has a consistently high rate of success with its exam students.

English online

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Class Sizes: One-to-One

Our online courses consist of a series of individual 60 minute lessons with one of our highly qualified teachers.
Classes are designed around each individual’s needs, and cover all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Upon request, Exam Preparation for IELTS, FCE and CAE can be arranged. A placement test is carried out before commencement in order to assess each student’s entry level, and the progress of the learner is constantly monitored throughout the course.

All of our e-classes are live, with student and teacher interacting for the whole 60 minutes, and offer extreme flexibility. Classes can be booked anytime between 9am -5pm and 6pm -8pm Irish time, and can take place wherever you are, at home, in the office or even in your favourite café!
This course is ideal for those professionals who are always on the run or anyone who wishes to make the most of their time while still enjoying a full class experience.
The online course is an option for individuals or businesses who are seeking professional development from their employees.

For more information on the online course please don’t hesitate to contact us.

English Summer Courses

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, Basic

Location Type: Town/City

Run from Terenure College, a beautiful mansion house with its own gardens and sports facilities, the Kenilworth Junior School is specifically designed for teenagers aged 13 – 17 years.

With a combination of English language classes and fun, engaging activities, the course follows a structured programme of language study, covering the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The main emphasis is placed on developing our student’s confidence and fluency to communicate outside the classroom.

After class, our students will experience KLI’s exciting and stimulating social programme, including Irish sports, cultural experiences, and interactive activities which will encourage students to practice what they’ve learned. At KLI, we pride ourselves on creating a feeling of family. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and staff facilitate all of the afternoon and evening activities, allowing students to feel more comfortable and at ease.

On arrival, students will take a level entry test to ensure a class placement that meets their needs. Our students’ needs will be re-assessed through regular monitoring of student progress. A certificate is presented to each student at the end of their stay to acknowledge their achievements.

Kenilworth’s Summer School welcomes students from all over the world! Our multi-national classes will encourage the students to put their English skills into practice in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.



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