Inter-Cultural Institute of Japan

2-20-9 Taito, Taito-ku - Tokyo

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Our school is located in central Tokyo. Currently, we have more than 500 students from studying. In our short term course, the student can get into the course every Monday. This which system is quite unique among the Japanese Language schools. In the short term course, about half of the students are from Europe and the other half are from Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thai. In the long term course, the dominant group is people from Asia, such as Korea and China. 2007 was our 30th anniversary. Nearly 20000 students have graduated from the school since its foundation. The courses we offer are as follows: 1) Short term course -The course starts on every Monday (except for zero beginner) and can be taken at a weekly basis. 10 students average in a class. 2) Long term course -The aim of the course is to get into universities and colleges in Japan. We also offer private lessons and a tailor made course for company lessons.

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This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students, Medium, 6-10 students, One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students
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