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See The above is a scam as the company is unlicensed company run by a bunch of Eastern European conmen who advertised aggressively in Simplyhired or Careerjet to lured American, German or any naive Westerners to go to study/work in China. It is the same job promise scam but with the Chinese spin. They offer everything from airport pickups, hotel/transport arrangements, visa application, work permit applications, Chinese language lessons, intern job placements, etc..for the victims. Bear in mind that this is not a legally registered Chinese company - all it does is to take you money upfront with promise of getting you student visa and non-existent jobs. The only thing that will materialized is your airport pickup, hotel stays, seat off the pant Chinese lessons in an unlicensed Mandarin schools, they probably can get you a visa extensions - all of which you pay through your nose to acquire. Bear in mind that as a foreigner you need a proper Student Visa to study in China and a proper Work Visa to work in China. China is a Communist country and everything is highly regulated - so beware if everything is painted to be so easy. As usual if they don't even have to look at your qualifications to offer you a place in the Mandarin school or even more ridiculous offer you a high paying job when you don't even speak Mandarin - you know it is a scam!

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