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About EVOLANGUAGE German courses

If you want high quality language language courses based on your personal solution, so you have found what you were looking for! Learning German in our german language schools in Germany! At EVOLANGUAGE, we guarantee you a fast learning success! Surely, your goal is to speak German confidently and free. You can achieve this with the intensive and active EVOLANGUAGE-Training!


General German

43% 8 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Super intensive courses in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich & Mainz: group classes combined with one-to-one lessons

You want to communicate effectively in German?

Our super intensive courses are designed for students who want to make the most progress in the least amount of time.

The super intensive courses are an combination of group lessons and one-to-one classes. The classes cover listening, reading, speaking and writing skills -including grammar and vocabulary. The main emphasis is on communication to build up your vocabular and help to develop fluency and confidence. The one-to-one classes can be dedicated to business studies, special vocabulary or additional conversational practice.

Super Intensive Course fees:
- Type of course
- Super intensive courses & exam preparation courses (TestDaF, Telc, DSH, ZMP, ZOP, KDS, ZD)
- 20 UE* in group and individual tuition in the afternoon or evening

German Exam Preparation

76% 6 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk

telc German Certificate: preparation courses for telc exams

Intensive exam preparation courses with the Evolanguage schools in Mainz-Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich!

Evolanguage is a certified telc examination center for the preparation and the the conducting of telc examinations. Our examination preparation courses prepare candidates for the telc German examination.

Our Telc preparation courses run from monday sto fridayy from 9.00 am to 12.00 which is equal to 20 lessons per week. In the telc preparation courses, students will learn everything that is needed for the telc German examination. The course deals with the test structure, the content and the format of the telc exam. The course will teach the strategies required for the test.

Participation in a telc examination preparation course is strongly recommended for all students who want to complete the telc test with optimal results.

Telc test preparation courses in Mainz, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich

Course duration: 4 weeks

Business German

0% 0 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Learning Business German with Evolanguage! We guarantee you the attainment of your individual language objective in a clearly defined period of time.

Your invested time will be used optimally!

We provide high quality German classes for your communication in international surroundings. During one week of you will achieve, for which a traditional method needs more than a year.

After determining your individual goals, we will assess your language level by means of placement test conducted online, by fax or in person at our premises. Your language objective is our goal. We'll develop a personal solution for you!

Course Components - Business German:

- communication, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension
- course material and content is customized to meet your needs and facilitate our learning process
- flexible training times
- intensive vocabulary training
- rapid progress in acquiring proficiency in business German

German online

24% 2 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Lessons in virtual classrooms:

EVOLANGUAGE LIVE classes connects listening, writing and speech exercises for every learning level! Lessons are particularly suited to individual learners and mini-groups. At the forefront is dialogue – questions and answers across a range of themes and subjects areas. At the same time listening comprehension is coached and improved.
Your success will be guaranteed by using a selection of methods and a variety of materials. Texts, virtual pictures and an array of audio-visual resources will be used throughout lessons. Your online programme will be tailor-made to suit your goals and fulfill your needs.

Homework will be issued via e-mail after every lesson. An opportunity to immerse yourself in what you have learnt is given as is a follow-up discussion with your teacher. Evolanguage online language training offers you a vast array of possibilities - whether it is German as a foreign language or English as a business language – we have a suitable teacher for you!

Our online teachers:

- are native speakers
- have long-standing experience in the field of education
- are familiar with the latest teaching methods
- have a thorough knowledge of the economic climate
- will tailor lessons specifically to suit individual needs



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EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied General German


I was asked to take my comment down

posted 6 months ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses

United Kingdom   

studied General German

Please read this before signing up

I cannot say I have ever dealt with a worse company before. If you are considering signing up for a course with Evolanguage please think twice about this.

I first heard from the through an online platform in 2018 when I was interested in udertaking a C1 language course. A week before sitting the course, sadly my grandad passed away and I had to attend his funeral so I was no longer able to travel to Germany to undertake the course. Instead of empathising like any human being would they informed me that I was now liable to paying 2000 euros because I had signed a contract and was cancelling with too much of a short notice (5 days).
Looking back at all the correspondence I realised that they had never sent me a contract with their terms and conditions but they had sent one to my boyfriend at the time and these were all in German (so even if they were sent to me I wouldn't have understood them fully)

I tried explaning this to them and that there is no way that this contract is valid when the T&Cs were not sent to me but instead I started getting threatening emails saying that I was going to face court actions. I ended up paying the sum because their emails were getting more frequent and horrible every day.

Years later I have tried to ask for a refund or at least the opportunity to donate this course to someone who needs it however I am told that this will not be possible because it has been too many years now since the start of the course.

The staff at Evolanguage have been horrible and rude to me. Everytime you email them, you will get someone new that sounds like a robot. I think it is clear that this company is only interested in making money and they will happily screw you over for the sake a few euros. So please please consider signing up with someone different!

posted 6 months ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied German online

Einfachste Lehrmethoden ohne Abwechslung

Mein Aupair ist sehr enttäuscht von mangelhaften Unterrichtsmethoden. Von der VHS war sie begeistert, aber wegen des Lockdowns musste ja leider Onlineunterricht her. Wir haben die Bewertungen nicht geprüft, was unser Fehler war, denn sie sprechen für sich. Aus dem Kurs austreten und sich die Gebühr anteilig zurückzahlen lassen, wird abgelehnt. EIN Kurswechsel wurde uns aus "Kullanz" kostenfrei zugestanden. Leider war der 2. Lehrer noch schlimmer. Er quatscht während des Unterrichts mit seiner Frau und verlässt sogar den Raum. Insgesamt ist das Verhalten äußerst unprofessionell. Der Wechsel zurück zur ersten Lehrerin soll nun 50 Euro kosten. Eine totale Abzocke und die Kurse sind ihre Geld AUF KEINEN Fall wert. Weder per Mail noch per Telefon wurde uns eine fpr alle Seiten faire Lösung angeboten.

posted 11 months ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied German online

Online German Course

Hello everyone =) I booked an online course from Evolanguage. Before paying, I call them to make sure what was included in their service. The promised services were never delivered/achieved, even when at least 4 students complained about the same issues, the situation did not change.

It would have been honest to state from the beginning that the "teachers" were uni-students, they did not transmit the knowledge correctly, the classes were boring and uninformative, the "conversation" block was a teacher-monologue, they did not have the resources to give us a positive experience, what kind of service is an on-line course when the teacher does not have a computer? and that was the reason to not be able to have group small groups conversations? that´s a joke right? but as long as they receive the money.......Many of us just left completely disappointed!

I DO NOT recommend it to anyone, it was a waste of money and time.

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied General German

Best class and exzellent teachers

They really die their best,the people fromme evolanguage.I learned a Lot.you see.Ich kann jetzt meine Mails in deutschem Sprache schreiben.My boss said,she wild senden hier husband that school as well.I hope she will do so, as it might a Lot at work and in Daily lief Routine.Ich kann jetzt auch am Telefon arbeiten. I learned it up to B2Level fromme Theorie Vers beginning.I am so proud.

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied General German

Sehr gute erfahrung

Ich bin schon mehr male durch die Telc Prüfung gefallen. Jetzt hat es funktioniert. Ich war zwei Monate bei evolanguage, bekam Extrauebungen. Die Lehrerin war erfahren und sagte mir genau, was ich noch nicht konnte. Sie korrigierte alles zwei mal. Das hat geholfen. Ich werde im Stidium auch noch mal hingehen, denke isch.

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied German Exam Preparation

Best Teacher

She really struggled with me to bring me at the point. And I did it. Numberless volunteer lessons by night via Whatsapp and a very good official learning in an excellent class in the morning. I owe you big thanks bothe to evolanguage and my teacher

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied German Exam Preparation

Best school

I was integrated into an super class course and theoretisch teacher did weil during 5 weeks.I learned a Lot and yesterday I passend my Exam successfully.Now I CAN apply for another visa and work as an Engineering Assistent with Bosch.Thanks.

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses

Czech Republic   

studied General German

The Worst school ever!!!

They will try to get money from you. They will cheat on you and you will learn in a big group. I had an intensive course 15 people and more were in it. This school is not worth it. Please dont make the same mistake as many people did as well.

posted 2 years ago

EVOLANGUAGE German courses


studied General German


Exactly same story as Ana had. As opposed to all other schools they made a booking with obligation to pay for the course never intended to be taken.

Once you won't pay in time before the course they won't say you anything. After the 14 days grace period when according to law a deal can be cancelled if taken online they will send fist email asking for a payment. After some time later they threaten you with a court case.

Be aware of this school. As many other opinion on internet they courses are frequently disappointing. Read the reviews first...

posted 3 years ago



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