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Huntingdon House , Brighton (view map)

About Eurocentres Brighton

Brighton is well-known across the UK for its sunny weather, classic Victorian architecture, and wonderful ocean views. The city is a unique mix of historical landmarks and modern entertainment, frequented by British tourists as well as foreigners.
Eurocentres school in Brighton won the Excellence Award from LanguageCourses in 2019, and it is located few steps away from the main attractions of the city.
Facilities include:
Spacious and bright classrooms, computer room, Interactive whiteboards, Student lounge, Learning centre, Vending machines, WiFi.

Additional Services

  • Airport/Station transfer
  • Facilities for students with disabilities
  • Student counselling


  • Host family accommodation
  • Host family accommodation without students of same native language
  • Student Residence


  • Dancing
  • Film
  • Cultural tourism (theater, museum, etc.)
  • Historical sightseeing
  • Local cultural events (festivals, etc.)


General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk, Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate

Location Type: Seaside, Town/City

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

General English
Entry level: 2–9/A2–C1
Lessons per week: 20/25/30
Duration: 1–52 weeks

Improve accuracy and fluency, and gain confidence by practising key language skills both in the classroom and online. Classes focus on providing you with natural contexts and real-life opportunities to practice your English. We try to make our classes as relevant as possible to your daily life outside of the classroom, through role-plays, debates, and discussions.

Pre-course test:
Before you arrive at your chosen school, you are given the opportunity to take a pre-entry test online. This means that your school knows which class to place you in, even before your first day. When you arrive, you will speak with the senior teacher who will make a final assessment of your English level and place you in the correct class.

Regular testing and personalised feedback:
Class tests are given to every student at frequent intervals during their course, and your results and progress can be discussed in regular 1-to-1 sessions with your teacher.

English Exam Preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Seaside, Town/City

Levels: Upper Intermediate, Advanced

Exams and Prep offered: Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

Weekly Hours: Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE)
Entry level: 5/B1
Lessons per week: 30
Duration: 8–12 weeks
Get expert preparation for the Cambridge First (FCE) while gaining fluency and confidence in English and 21st Century Skills for
contemporary life and career. 30 lessons per week, including 20
morning lessons of language and skills improvement for the target level B2, 5-afternoon lessons of training in exam technique, and a further 5 afternoon lessons of guided exam practice. In the morning programme you will improve your English and 21st century communication skills and grammar towards a B2 level of proficiency required for the Cambridge First exam, and in the afternoon programme you will learn exam question techniques to maximise your result in each part: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Use of English, and Writing.

Entry level: 7/B2
Lessons per week: 30
Duration: 8–12 weeks
A CAE course at Eurocentres prepares students to take the Cambridge English Advanced Exam, a qualification recognised by thousands of organisations across the globe. A CAE course focuses on all parts of the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam. While this might sound demanding, officially testing at a C1 level of English or higher reaps multiple rewards - this exam is the ticket to study anywhere in the world, setting you apart from the rest when it comes to building an international career.

English Academic preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Seaside, Town/City

Levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced

Weekly Hours: Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

Exams and Prep offered: IELTS

IELTS Preparation
Entry level: 4–9/B1–C1
Lessons per week: 20/25/30
Duration: 2–52 weeks

A combined IELTS course is aimed at students who want to enhance their general English skills as well as prepare for the IELTS exam.
The IELTS exam has a very specific format with in-depth instructions and a complex scoring system. For students to achieve a high score in IELTS, it is vital that they not only have good language skills but that they also understand the exam they will be taking. The afternoon component of a General Language/IELTS package ensures you have plenty of time to take practice exams and mock tests.

Tailor made English courses

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This course is for students aged: 17-70

Location Type: Town/City , Seaside

Weekly Hours: Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

Levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Basic, Advanced

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

Exams and Prep offered: IELTS, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE

Open Choice Gap Year
The long-term study option that offers flexibility and diverse international experiences.
Entry level: 0-9 (A1-C1)
Lessons per week: 20/25/30
Duration: 24-48 weeks

For bookings of 22 weeks or more, you can choose to change your school, course, or destination every 12 weeks. This provides flexibility and diverse international experiences, as well as prolonged exposure to the language of your studies. While most students will enter into general language classes for their year, they also have the option to study other courses if these are available. General language classes take place in the morning, and students enrolled on a language year programme can also add two afternoon classes a week to their schedule. This makes a total of 25 lessons a week, with the afternoon classes focusing on developing global citizenship through contemporary topics and themes.

Flexible options: You choose where, what, and for how long.

More travel opportunities: Add an adventure to your studies.

Long-term commitment to study: Show future universities and employers you've got what it takes.



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