Find your perfect German course at German is spoken in Austria, Switzerland and several other countries in central Europe, as well as of course Germany. allows you to search and compare more than 900 different language schools.
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You can study German in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, or in a school amongst the forests of Bavaria. German is the language with the most native speakers in Europe. More than 100 million people across Europe are native speakers of German and so it is a great language to learn for both business and to travel.

Why learn German?

If you wish to work in Germany or study at a German university you may need to study for the "Der Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF)". Germany is also called the land of poets and thinkers. Learn German to fully understand the original texts by Nietzsche or Goethe. Take a German course so you know how to pronounce Porsche and Oktoberfest properly! Germany is an important economic and exporting nation, so by learning German you can increase your career opportunities. The German language is very precise and is often used in science and engineering.

Search over 900 schools around the world

You can find native-language courses in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland, as well as in neighboring countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Poland and the Czech Republic. Alternatively, you can also find German courses in your area and get some basic knowledge before you travel.

What else can I do at a German language school?

Many language schools offer students a rich program beyond the classroom. You can check out Germany and tourist attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Oktoberfest or the Cologne Cathedral. You can also take part in many sporting activities, such as rowing on the Rhine or horse riding in the Black Forest