Enforex Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba / Kuba)

Our Spanish school in Santiago de Cuba is an alternative setting: we do not have a central building

Enforex Havana (Havanna / Kuba)

Unlike our other language schools, Havana provides a uniquely intimate learning experience. Rather than meeting at a central school complex, classes are held in a variety of places: the teacher’s...

Enforex Trinidad (Trinidad / Kuba)

Our Spanish courses are special, because they are not centralized in a single school. You learn spanish in your host families, at a teachers home oder at a cultural center. All of our host families...

, Salamanca, Alicante in Spain or Cuenca, Ecuador and our newst school in CUBA! All Sampere schools offer you

StudyTeam Trinidad (Nimwegen / Gelderland / Niederlande)

LEARN AND ENJOY THE CUBAN WAY! Since 1997 StudyTeam Cuba offers Spanish courses in Santiago de Cuba