La Regenta - Scuola di Lingue - Bologna (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna / Italien)

center of Bologna, below the famous two towers and two minutes walking from the University, the oldest of

Cultura Italiana (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna / Italien)

in the educational research with Bologna University, the first University in Europe established in 1088

Inlingua - Bologna (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna / Italien)
Madrelingua (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna / Italien)

Italian! Situated in a historic building in a typical porticoed street right in the centre of Bologna, it

ALCE Study Italian in Bologna (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna / Italien)

in Italian language and culture. Based in the charming city of Bologna, the school attracts a diverse mix

Inlingua - Boulogne sur Mer (Saint Léonard / Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Frankreich)

, Lucca, Bologna and Camogli , each location renowned for outstanding historical heritage, culture