Language schools in Santiago de Chile

Language schoolsin Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, named after the biblical figure St. James, is the capital of Chile and is located in the central valley which is between 500m and 650m above the mean sea level. It is one of the largest cities in South America. In addition Santiago is in great demand because of the cultural, political and financial aspect.

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Language schools in Santiago de Chile

COINED Santiago

The COINED language school was founded in 1971 and offers language courses, professional internships, but also volunteer or work and travel programs. It is located in the city centre to get also in touch with the culture and to meet locals. You could also try local food and visit the main historic landmarks.

→ Here you get more information: COINED Santiago


BridgeChile is located near the main avenue Nueva Providencia where you can also find a lot of cafés, shops and the subway station. In addition this part of the city has many nightclubs and restaurants where you can meet locals and maybe gain them as friends. The language school has 17 classroom with WIFI. Between the language classes you have the possibility to relax on the outdoor terrace or to use one of the computers.

→ Here you get more information: BridgeChile

Natalis Language Centre

The Natalis Language Centre offers group lessons, but also preparational classes for the Spanish language certificate DELE. The classes – offered in all levels – are provided by natives. Furthermore the main goal is to speak Spanish and not only to learn grammar rules.

→ Here you get more information: Natalis Language Centre

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